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Intro(5)	      Standards, Environments, and Macros	      Intro(5)

       Intro, intro - introduction to miscellany

       Among the topics	presented in this section are:

       Standards       The  POSIX  (IEEE)  Standards and the X/Open Specifica-
		       tions are described on the standards page.

       Environments    The user	environment (environ), the subset of the  user
		       environment  that depends on language and cultural con-
		       ventions	(locale), the large file compilation  environ-
		       ment  (lfcompile),  and	the  transitional  compilation
		       environment (lfcompile64) are described.

       Macros	       The macros to format Reference Manual  pages  (man  and
		       mansun)	as  well  as other text	format macros (me, mm,
		       and ms) are described.

       Characters      Tables of character sets	(ascii,	charmap, eqnchar,  and
		       iconv),	file format notation (formats),	file name pat-
		       tern matching (fnmatch),	and regular expressions	(regex
		       and regexp) are presented.

       Name		       Description

       ANSI(5)		       See standards(5)

       C++(5)		       See standards(5)

       C(5)		       See standards(5)

       CSI(5)		       See attributes(5)

       ISO(5)		       See standards(5)

       MT-Level(5)	       See attributes(5)

       POSIX.1(5)	       See standards(5)

       POSIX.2(5)	       See standards(5)

       POSIX(5)		       See standards(5)

       SEAM(5)		       overview	of Sun Enterprise Authentication Mech-

       SUS(5)		       See standards(5)

       SUSv2(5)		       See standards(5)

       SUSv3(5)		       See standards(5)

       SVID(5)		       See standards(5)

       SVID3(5)		       See standards(5)

       XNS(5)		       See standards(5)

       XNS4(5)		       See standards(5)

       XNS5(5)		       See standards(5)

       XPG(5)		       See standards(5)

       XPG3(5)		       See standards(5)

       XPG4(5)		       See standards(5)

       XPG4v2(5)	       See standards(5)

       adv_cap_1000fdx(5)      See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_1000hdx(5)      See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_100fdx(5)       See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_100hdx(5)       See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_10fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_10hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_asmpause(5)     See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_autoneg(5)      See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_cap_pause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       adv_rem_fault(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       advance(5)	       See regexp(5)

       architecture(5)	       See attributes(5)

       ascii(5)		       map of ASCII character set

       attributes(5)	       attributes of interfaces

       audit_binfile(5)	       generation of Solaris audit logs

       audit_syslog(5)	       realtime	conversion of Solaris  audit  data  to
			       syslog messages

       availability(5)	       See attributes(5)

       cancellation(5)	       overview	 of  concepts  related to POSIX	thread

       cap_1000fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_1000hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_100fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_100hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_10fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_10hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_asmpause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_autoneg(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_pause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       cap_rem_fault(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       charmap(5)	       character set description file

       compile(5)	       See regexp(5)

       condition(5)	       concepts	related	to condition variables

       crypt_bsdbf(5)	       password	hashing	module using Blowfish  crypto-
			       graphic algorithm

       crypt_bsdmd5(5)	       password	 hashing module	using MD5 message hash

       crypt_sunmd5(5)	       password	hashing	module using MD5 message  hash

       crypt_unix(5)	       traditional UNIX	crypt algorithm

       dhcp(5)		       Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

       dhcp_modules(5)	       data storage modules for	the DHCP service

       environ(5)	       user environment

       eqnchar(5)	       special character definitions for eqn

       extensions(5)	       localedef extensions description	file

       filesystem(5)	       file system organization

       fnmatch(5)	       file name pattern matching

       formats(5)	       file format notation

       fsattr(5)	       extended	file attributes

       gss_auth_rules(5)       overview	of GSS authorization

       iconv(5)		       code set	conversion tables

       iconv_1250(5)	       code set	conversion tables for MS 1250 (Windows
			       Latin 2)

       iconv_1251(5)	       code set	conversion tables for MS 1251 (Windows

       iconv_646(5)	       code set	conversion tables for ISO 646

       iconv_852(5)	       code  set  conversion tables for	MS 852 (MS-DOS
			       Latin 2)

       iconv_8859-1(5)	       code  set  conversion  tables  for  ISO	8859-1
			       (Latin 1)

       iconv_8859-2(5)	       code  set  conversion  tables  for  ISO	8859-2
			       (Latin 2)

       iconv_8859-5(5)	       code  set  conversion  tables  for  ISO	8859-5

       iconv_dhn(5)	       code  set  conversion tables for	DHN (Dom Hand-
			       lowy Nauki)

       iconv_koi8-r(5)	       code set	conversion tables for KOI8-R

       iconv_mac_cyr(5)	       code set	conversion tables for Macintosh	Cyril-

       iconv_maz(5)	       code set	conversion tables for Mazovia

       iconv_pc_cyr(5)	       code  set  conversion tables for	Alternative PC

       iconv_unicode(5)	       code set	conversion tables for Unicode

       ieee802.3(5)	       Ethernet	mii kstat and ndd parameters

       ipfilter(5)	       IP packet filtering software

       isalist(5)	       the native instruction sets  known  to  Solaris

       krb5_auth_rules(5)      Overview	of Kerberos V5 authorization

       krb5envvar(5)	       Kerberos	environment variables

       largefile(5)	       large file status of utilities

       lf64(5)		       transitional interfaces for 64-bit file offsets

       lfcompile(5)	       large file compilation environment  for	32-bit

       lfcompile64(5)	       transitional compilation	environment

       link_asmpause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       link_duplex(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       link_pause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       link_up(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       live_upgrade(5)	       overview	of Live	Upgrade	feature

       locale(5)	       subset  of a user's environment that depends on
			       language	and cultural conventions

       lp_cap_1000fdx(5)       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_1000hdx(5)       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_100fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_100hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_10fdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_10hdx(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_asmpause(5)      See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_autoneg(5)       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_cap_pause(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       lp_rem_fault(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       man(5)		       macros to format	Reference Manual pages

       mansun(5)	       macros to format	Reference Manual pages

       me(5)		       macros for formatting papers

       mech_spnego(5)	       Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation	Mecha-

       mm(5)		       text formatting (memorandum) macros

       ms(5)		       text formatting macros

       mutex(5)		       concepts	relating to mutual exclusion locks

       netsnmp(5)	       See sma_snmp(5)

       nfssec(5)	       overview	of NFS security	modes

       openssl(5)	       OpenSSL	cryptographic  [amp   ]	Secure Sockets
			       Layer toolkit

       pam_authtok_check(5)    authentication and password management module

       pam_authtok_get(5)      authentication and password management module

       pam_authtok_store(5)    password	management module

       pam_deny(5)	       PAM module to deny operations

       pam_dhkeys(5)	       authentication Diffie-Hellman  keys  management

       pam_dial_auth(5)	       authentication	management   PAM   module  for

       pam_krb5(5)	       authentication, account,	session, and  password
			       management PAM modules for Kerberos V5

       pam_krb5_migrate(5)     authentication  PAM  module  for	the KerberosV5
			       auto-migration of users feature

       pam_ldap(5)	       authentication and account management PAM  mod-
			       ule for LDAP

       pam_passwd_auth(5)      authentication module for password

       pam_projects(5)	       account management PAM module for projects

       pam_rhosts_auth(5)      authentication	management  PAM	 module	 using

       pam_roles(5)	       Solaris Roles account management	module

       pam_sample(5)	       a sample	PAM module

       pam_smartcard(5)	       PAM authentication module for Smart Card

       pam_unix_account(5)     PAM account management module for UNIX

       pam_unix_auth(5)	       PAM authentication module for UNIX

       pam_unix_cred(5)	       PAM user	credential authentication  module  for

       pam_unix_session(5)     session management PAM module for UNIX

       pkcs11_kernel(5)	       PKCS#11	 interface   to	 Kernel	 Cryptographic

       pkcs11_softtoken(5)     Software	RSA PKCS#11 softtoken

       privileges(5)	       process privilege model

       prof(5)		       profile within a	function

       pthreads(5)	       See threads(5)

       rbac(5)		       role-based access control

       regex(5)		       internationalized basic	and  extended  regular
			       expression matching

       regexp(5)	       simple  regular	expression  compile  and match

       resource_controls(5)    resource	 controls  available  through  project

       sgml(5)		       Standard	Generalized Markup Language

       sma_snmp(5)	       SNMP v1,	v2c, v3	agent, tools, and modules

       smartcard(5)	       overview	of smart card features on Solaris

       smf(5)		       service management facility

       smf_bootstrap(5)	       service	management  facility  boot, packaging,
			       and compatibility behavior

       smf_method(5)	       service management  framework  conventions  for

       smf_restarter(5)	       service	management  facility  conventions  for

       smf_security(5)	       service management facility security behavior

       solbook(5)	       See sgml(5)

       stability(5)	       See attributes(5)

       standards(5)	       standards  and  specifications	supported   by

       step(5)		       See regexp(5)

       sticky(5)	       mark files for special treatment

       tecla(5)		       User interface provided by the tecla library.

       teclarc(5)	       See tecla(5)

       term(5)		       conventional names for terminals

       threads(5)	       POSIX pthreads and Solaris threads concepts

       vgrindefs(5)	       vgrind's	language definition data base

       wbem(5)		       Web-Based Enterprise Management

       xcvr_addr(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       xcvr_id(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       xcvr_inuse(5)	       See ieee802.3(5)

       zones(5)		       Solaris application containers

SunOS 5.10			  21 Dec 2004			      Intro(5)


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