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intro(4)							      intro(4)

       intro - introduction to special files

       Section	4  describes  the special files, related driver	functions, and
       networking support available in the system.  In this part of  the  man-
       ual,  the  Syntax  heading  of  each configurable device	gives a	sample
       specification for use in	constructing a system description for the pro-
       gram.   The  Diagnostics	 heading lists messages	that may appear	on the
       console and in the system error log file	due to errors in device	opera-

       This  section  contains	descriptions  of  both configurable devices, 4
       entries,	 and  network-related  device  information,  4n,  4p,  and  4f
       entries.	  The networking support is introduced in Software support for
       these devices comes in two forms.  A hardware device may	 be  supported
       with  a	character or block ``device driver'', or it may	be used	within
       the networking subsystem	and have a ``network interface driver''.

       There are some devices that have	fixed input/output space CSR addresses
       and  interrupt  vector  addresses.  There  are  no  address switches or
       jumpers that need to be set up by the customer or Field Service.

See Also
       intro(4n), MAKEDEV(8)


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