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INTRO(4)           FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual (amd64)           INTRO(4)

     intro - introduction to special files and hardware support

     The manual pages in section 4 describe the special files, related driver
     functions, and networking support available in the system.  In this part
     of the manual, the SYNOPSIS section of each configurable device gives a
     sample specification for use in constructing a system description for the
     config(8) program.  The DIAGNOSTICS section lists messages which may
     appear on the console and/or in the system error log /var/log/messages
     due to errors in device operation; see syslogd(8) for more information.

     This section contains both devices which may be configured into the
     system and network related information.  The networking support is
     introduced in netintro(4).

     This section describes the hardware supported on the amd64 platform.
     Software support for these devices comes in two forms.  A hardware device
     may be supported with a character or block device driver, or it may be
     used within the networking subsystem and have a network interface driver.
     Block and character devices are accessed through files in the file system
     of a special type; see mknod(8).  Network interfaces are indirectly
     accessed through the interprocess communication facilities provided by
     the system; see socket(2).

     A hardware device is identified to the system at configuration time and
     the appropriate device or network interface driver is then compiled into
     the system.  When the resultant system is booted, the autoconfiguration
     facilities in the system probe for the device and, if found, enable the
     software support for it.  If a device does not respond at
     autoconfiguration time it is not accessible at any time afterwards.  To
     enable a device which did not autoconfigure, the system will have to be

     The autoconfiguration system is described in autoconf(4).

     A complete list of available devices is contained within the pages
     describing the system buses and controllers.  For example, a PCI device
     would be listed in the pci(4) man page.  The following buses and
     controllers list these devices:

        cardbus(4)    introduction to CardBus support
        eisa(4)       introduction to EISA bus support
        iic(4)        Inter IC (I2C) bus
        isa(4)        introduction to ISA bus support
        isapnp(4)     introduction to ISA Plug-and-Play support
        onewire(4)    1-Wire bus
        pci(4)        introduction to PCI bus support
        pcmcia(4)     introduction to PCMCIA (PC Card) support
        usb(4)        introduction to Universal Serial Bus support

     autoconf(4), cpu(4), config(8)

     The amd64 intro first appeared in OpenBSD 3.5.

FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE         October 9, 2007        FreeBSD 11.0-PRERELEASE


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