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INTRO(3)							      INTRO(3)

       intro - introduction to user-level library functions

       Section 3 describes user-level library routines.	 In this release, most
       user-library routines are listed	in alphabetical	 order	regardless  of
       their  subsection  headings.  (This eliminates having to	search through
       several subsections of the manual.)  However, due to their special-pur-
       pose  nature,  the routines from	the following libraries	are broken out
       into the	indicated subsections:

       o  The Lightweight Processes Library, in	subsection 3L.

       o  The Mathematical Library, in subsection 3M.

       o  The RPC Services Library, in subsection 3R.

       A 3V section number means one or	more of	the following:

       o  The man page documents System	V behavior only.

       o  The man page documents default SunOS behavior, and System V behavior
	  as it	differs	from the default behavior.  These System V differences
	  are presented	under SYSTEM V section headers.

       o  The man page documents behavior compliant with IEEE Std  1003.1-1988

       The  System V Library was formerly documented in	a separate manual sec-
       tion.  These man	pages have been	merged into the	main portion  of  sec-
       tion  3.	  These	 man pages describe functions that may differ from the
       default	SunOS  functions.   To	use  them,   compile   programs	  with
       /usr/5bin/cc instead of /usr/bin/cc.

       Section	3 also documents the library interfaces	for X/Open Portability
       Guide, Issue 2 (XPG2) compatibility.   Where  these  interfaces	differ
       from the	System V versions, the differences are noted.  To use the XPG2
       compatibility	library	   interfaces,	  compile    programs	  with

       The  libraries  provide	many different "standard" environments.	 These
       environments (including two that	 are  not  yet	fully  supported)  are
       described   on  ansic(7V),  bsd(7),  posix(7V),	sunos(7),  svidii(7V),
       svidiii(7V), and	xopen(7V).

       The main	C library, /usr/lib/libc.a, contains  many  of	the  functions
       described in this section, along	with entry points for the system calls
       described in Section 2.	This library also includes the	Internet  net-
       working	routines  listed under the 3N subsection heading, and routines
       provided	for compatibility with other UNIX  operating  systems,	listed
       under  3C.   Functions  associated  with	the "standard I/O library" are
       listed under 3S.

       User-level routines for access to data structures within	the kernel and
       other  processes	 are listed under 3K.  To use these functions, compile
       programs	with the -lkvm option for the C	compiler, cc(1V).

       Math library functions are listed under 3M.  To use them, compile  pro-
       grams with the -lm cc(1V) option.

       Various	specialized libraries, the routines they contain, and the com-
       piler options needed to link with them, are listed under	3X.

       /usr/lib/libc.a	   C Library (2, 3, 3N and 3C)
       /usr/lib/lib*.a	   other "standard" C libraries
       /usr/lib/lib*.a	   special-purpose C libraries

       cc(1V), ld(1), nm(1), intro(2)

       Name		   Appears on PageDescription

				21 October 1987			      INTRO(3)


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