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INTRO(3)	       FreeBSD Library Functions Manual		      INTRO(3)

     intro -- introduction to the C libraries

     cc	[flags]	file ... [-llibrary]

     This section provides an overview of the C	library	functions, their error
     returns and other common definitions and concepts.	 Most of these func-
     tions are available from the C library, libc.  Other libraries, such as
     the math library, libm, must be indicated at compile time with the	-l op-
     tion of the compiler.

     The various libraries (followed by	the loader flag):

     libbluetooth  (-lbluetooth) The bluetooth library.	 See bluetooth(3).

     libc	   (-lc) Standard C library functions.	When using the C com-
		   piler cc(1),	it is not necessary to supply the loader flag
		   -lc for these functions.  There are several `libraries' or
		   groups of functions included	inside of libc:

		   standard I/O	routines
			   see stdio(3)

		   database routines
			   see db(3)

		   bit operators
			   see bitstring(3)

		   string operators
			   see string(3)

		   character tests and character operators

		   storage allocation
			   see mpool(3)

			   see regex(3)

		   remote procedure calls (RPC)
			   see rpc(3)

		   time	functions
			   see time(3)

		   signal handling
			   see signal(3)

     libcalendar   (-lcalendar)	The calendar arithmetic	library.  See

     libcam	   (-lcam) The common access method user library.  See cam(3).

     libcrypt	   (-lcrypt) The crypt library.	 See crypt(3).

     libcurses	   (-lcurses -ltermcap)	Terminal independent screen management
		   routines for	two dimensional	non-bitmap display terminals.
		   See ncurses(3).

     libcuse	   (-lcuse) The	userland character device library.  See

     libcompat	   (-lcompat) Functions	which are obsolete but are available
		   for compatibility with 4.3BSD.  In particular, a number of
		   system call interfaces provided in previous releases	of BSD
		   have	been included for source code compatibility.  Use of
		   these routines should, for the most part, be	avoided.  The
		   manual page entry for each compatibility routine indicates
		   the proper interface	to use.

     libdevinfo	   (-ldevinfo) The Device and Resource Information Utility li-
		   brary.  See devinfo(3).

     libdevstat	   (-ldevstat) The Device Statistics library.  See devstat(3).

     libdwarf	   (-ldwarf) The DWARF access library.	See dwarf(3).

     libelf	   (-lelf) The ELF access library.  See	elf(3).

     libfetch	   (-lfetch) The file transfer library.	 See fetch(3).

     libfigpar	   (-lfigpar) The configuration	file parsing library.  See

     libgpio	   (-lgpio) The	general-purpose	input output library (GPIO).
		   See gpio(3).

     libgssapi	   (-lgssapi) The generic security service application pro-
		   gramming interface.	See gssapi(3).

     libjail	   (-ljail) The	jail library.  See jail(3).

     libkvm	   (-lkvm) Functions used to access kernel memory are in this
		   library.  They can be used against both a running system
		   and a crash dump.  See kvm(3).

     libl	   (-ll) The library for lex(1).

     libm	   (-lm) The math library.  See	math(3).

     libmd	   (-lmd) The message digest library.  See md4(3), md5(3),
		   sha(3), sha256(3), sha512(3), ripemd(3), skein(3).

     libmp	   (-lmp)

     libpam	   (-lpam) The pluggable authentication	module library.	 See

     libpcap	   (-lpcap) The	packet capture library.	 See pcap(3).

     libpmc	   (-lpmc) The performance counters library.  See pmc(3).

     libpthread	   (-lpthread) The POSIX threads library.  See pthread(3).

     libsysdecode  (-lsysdecode) The system argument decoding library.	See

     libtermcap	   (-ltermcap) The terminal independent	operation library
		   package.  See termcap(3).

     libusb	   (-lusb) The USB access library.  See	usb(3).

     libvgl	   (-lvgl) The video graphics library.	See vgl(3).

     liby	   (-ly) The library for yacc(1).

     libz	   (-lz) The general-purpose data compression library.	See

     /usr/lib/libc.a	the C library
     /usr/lib/libc_p.a	the C library compiled for profiling
     /usr/lib/libm.a	the math library
     /usr/lib/libm_p.a	the math library compiled for profiling

     cc(1), ld(1), nm(1), intro(2), math(3), stdio(3)

     An	intro manual appeared in Version 7 AT&T	UNIX.

FreeBSD	13.0		       December	18, 2021		  FreeBSD 13.0


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