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Many  variables	 which are used	to describe the	terminal environ-
ment are available to the programmer. They are:
type	name	description
WINDOW *curscr	current	version	of the screen (terminal	screen).
WINDOW *stdscr	standard screen.  Most updates	are  usually  done
char *	Defterm	default	terminal type if type cannot be	determined
bool	Myterm	use the	terminal specification in Defterm as  ter-
		minal, irrelevant of real terminal type
char *	ttytype	full name of the current terminal.
int	LINES	number of lines	on the terminal
int	COLS	number of columns on the terminal
int	ERR	error flag returned by routines	on a fail.
int	OK	error  flag  returned  by  routines when things	go
There are also several constants and types which are  of  general

reg	   storage class ``register'' (e.g., reg int i;)
bool	   boolean type, actually a ``char'' (e.g., bool doneit;)
TRUE	   boolean ``true'' flag (1).
FALSE	   boolean ``false'' flag (0).

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