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internal_v_smechname(3)	     HeimdalGSS-APIlibrary     internal_v_smechname(3)

       internal_v_smechnameInternal names and mechanism	names

Name forms
       There are two name representations in GSS-API: Internal form and
       Contiguous string ('flat') form.	Functions gss_export_name() and
       gss_import_name() can be	used to	convert	between	the two	forms.

       o The contiguous	string form is described by an oid specificing the
	 type and an octet string. A special form of the contiguous string
	 form is the exported name object. The exported	name defined for each
	 mechanism, is something that can be stored and	compared later.	The
	 exported name is what should be used for ACLs comparisons.

       o The Internal form is opaque to	the application	programmer and is

       o There is also a special form of the Internal Name (IN), and that is
	 the Mechanism Name (MN). In the mechanism name	all the	generic
	 information is	stripped of and	only contain the information for one
	 mechanism. In GSS-API some function return MN and some	require	MN as
	 input.	Each of	these function is marked up as such.

       Describe	relationship between import_name, canonicalize_name,
       export_name and friends.	Also, update for RFC2743 language
       ('contiguous' and 'flat'	are gone, leaving just 'exported name token',
       'internal', and 'MN').

Version	7.7.0			Fri Jun	7 2019	       internal_v_smechname(3)

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