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INSTALL-MH(8)		    System Manager's Manual		 INSTALL-MH(8)

       install-mh - initialize the MH environment

       /usr/local/lib/mh/install-mh [-auto] [-compat]

       When  a	user  runs any MH program for the first	time, the program will
       invoke install-mh (with the `-auto' switch) to query the	user  for  the
       initial	MH  environment.   The	user  does NOT invoke this program di-
       rectly.	The user is asked for the name of the directory	that  will  be
       designated  as the user's MH directory.	If this	directory does not ex-
       ist, the	user is	asked if it should be created.	Normally, this	direc-
       tory  should  be	 under	the user's home	directory, and has the default
       name of Mail/.  After install-mh	has written  the  initial  .mh_profile
       for the user, control returns to	the original MH	program.

       As with all MH commands,	install-mh first consults the $HOME envariable
       to determine the	user's home directory.	If $HOME is not	set, then  the
       /etc/passwd file	is consulted.

       When  converting	from mh.3 to mh.4, install-mh is automatically invoked
       with  the  `-compat'  switch.   ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The	user   profile
       ^Path:~^To set the user's MH directory With `-auto', the	current	folder
       is changed to "inbox".

[mh.6]				    MH.6.8			 INSTALL-MH(8)


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