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img-pixmap(n)			      Img			 img-pixmap(n)


       img-pixmap - Img, Pixmap	Image type (pixmap)

       package require Tk

       package require img::pixmap  ?1.3?

       image create pixmap ?name? ?options?

       imageName option	?arg arg ...?

       imageName cget option

       imageName configure ?option? ?value option value	...?


       The  package img::pixmap	is a sub-package of Img. It can	be loaded as a
       part of the complete Img	support, via package require Img,  or  on  its
       own, via	package	require	img::pixmap.

       Like  all packages of Img it does not provide new commands, but extends
       the existing Tk command image.

       In contrast to all other	sub packages this  packages  does  not	extend
       Tk's photo image	type, but rather provides a completely new image type,
       on the same level as photo and bitmap.

       Like all	images,	pixmaps	are created using the image create command.

       image create pixmap ?name? ?options?
	      Pixmaps support the following options:

	      -data string
		     Specifies the contents of the source pixmap as a  string.
		     The  string  must	adhere	to X11 pixmap format (e.g., as
		     generated by the pixmap program). If both the  -data  and
		     -file  options  are  specified,  the  -data  option takes

	      -file name
		     name gives	the name of a file whose contents  define  the
		     source  pixmap. The file must adhere to X11 pixmap	format
		     (e.g., as generated by the	pixmap program).

       When a pixmap image is created, Tk also creates a new  com  mand	 whose
       name is the same	as the image.  This command may	be used	to invoke var-
       ious operations on the image.  It has the following general form:

       imageName option	?arg arg ...?

       Option and the args determine the exact behavior	of  the	 command.  The
       following commands are possible for pixmap images:

       imageName cget option
	      Returns  the  current value of the configuration option given by
	      option. Option may have any of the values	accepted by the	 image
	      create pixmap command.

       imageName configure ?option? ?value option value	...?
	      Query  or	 modify	the configuration options for the image. If no
	      option is	specified, returns a list describing all of the	avail-
	      able options for imageName (see Tk_ConfigureInfo for information
	      on the format of this list). If  option  is  specified  with  no
	      value,  then the command returns a list describing the one named
	      option (this list	will be	identi cal to the  corresponding  sub-
	      list  of	the value returned if no option	is specified).	If one
	      or more option-value pairs are specified,	then the command modi-
	      fies  the	 given	option(s)  to have the given value(s); in this
	      case the command returns an empty	string.	Option may have	any of
	      the values accepted by the image create pixmap command.

       img-bmp,	img-dted, img-gif, img-ico, img-intro, img-jpeg, img-pcx, img-
       pixmap, img-png,	img-ppm, img-ps, img-raw, img-sgi,  img-sun,  img-tga,
       img-tiff, img-window, img-xbm, img-xpm

       image handling, pixmap, tk

       Copyright (c) 1995-2003 Jan Nijtmans <>

img-pixmap			      1.3			 img-pixmap(n)


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