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img-jpeg(n)			      Img			   img-jpeg(n)


       img-jpeg	- Img, Joint Picture Expert Group format (jpeg)

       package require Tk

       package require img::jpeg  ?1.4?

       image create photo ?name? ?options?


       The  package  img::jpeg	is a sub-package of Img. It can	be loaded as a
       part of the complete Img	support, via package require Img,  or  on  its
       own, via	package	require	img::jpeg.

       Like  all packages of Img it does not provide new commands, but extends
       the existing Tk command image so	 that  it  supports  files  containing
       raster  images  in  the	Joint Picture Expert Group format (jpeg). More
       specifically img::jpeg extends Tk's photo image type.

       The name	of the new format handler is jpeg.  This handler provides  new
       additional configuration	options. See section JPEG OPTIONS for more de-
       tailed explanations.

       All of the above	means that in a	call like

       image create photo ?name? ?options?

       [1]    Image data in jpeg format	(options -data and -file) is  detected

       [2]    The  format  name	 jpeg is recognized by the option -format.  In
	      addition the value for the option	is treated  as	list  and  may
	      contain  any  of	the special options listed in section JPEG OP-

       The handler provides six	options, two effective	when  reading  from  a
       JPEG image, and five influencing	the writing of such. One option	is us-
       able for	both reading an	writing.

       -fast  This option is for reading from JPEG data. It usage activates  a
	      processing  mode which is	fast, but also provides	only low-qual-
	      ity information.

	      This option can be used for both reading	and  writing  of  JPEG
	      data.  Usage of this option forces incoming images to grayscale,
	      and written images will be monochrome.

       -quality	n
	      This option is for writing JPEG data. It specifies the  compres-
	      sion  level as a quality percentage. The higher the quality, the
	      less the compression. The	nominal	range for n is 0...100.	Useful
	      values are in the	range 5...95. The default value	is 75.

       -smooth n
	      This  option is for writing JPEG data. When used the writer will
	      smooth the image before performing the  compression.  Values  in
	      the 10...30 are usually enough. The default is 0,	i.e no smooth-

	      This option is for writing JPEG data. It usage causes the	writer
	      to  optimize  the	 huffman table used to encode the jpeg coeffi-

	      This option is for writing JPEG data. It usage causes  the  cre-
	      ation of a progressive JPEG file.

       img-bmp,	img-dted, img-gif, img-ico, img-intro, img-jpeg, img-pcx, img-
       pixmap, img-png,	img-ppm, img-ps, img-raw, img-sgi,  img-sun,  img-tga,
       img-tiff, img-window, img-xbm, img-xpm

       image handling, jpeg, tk

       Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Jan Nijtmans <>

img-jpeg			      1.4			   img-jpeg(n)


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