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ikiwiki-calendar(1)	    General Commands Manual	   ikiwiki-calendar(1)

       ikiwiki-calendar	- create calendar archive pages

       ikiwiki-calendar	[-f] your.setup	[pagespec] [startyear [endyear]]

       ikiwiki-calendar	 creates pages that use	the ikiwiki/directive/calendar
       directive, allowing the archives	to be browsed one  month  at  a	 time,
       with calendar-based navigation.

       You  must  specify the setup file for your wiki.	The pages will be cre-
       ated inside its srcdir, beneath the archivebase directory used  by  the
       calendar	plugin (default	"archives").

       To  control  which pages	are included on	the calendars, a ikiwiki/Page-
       Spec can	be specified. The default is all pages,	or the pages specified
       by  the	comments_pagespec  setting  in the config file.	A pagespec can
       also be specified on the	command	line. To limit it to only posts	 in  a
       blog, use something like	"posts/* and !*/Discussion".

       It  defaults  to	 creating  calendar pages for the current year.	If you
       specify a year, it will create pages for	that year.  Specify  a	second
       year to create pages for	a span of years.

       Existing	pages will not be overwritten by this command by default.  Use
       the -f switch to	force it to overwrite any existing pages.

       While this command only needs to	be run once a year to update  the  ar-
       chive pages for each new	year, you are recommended to set up a cron job
       to run it daily,	at midnight. Then it will also update the calendars to
       highlight the current day.

       An example crontab:

	0 0 * *	* ikiwiki-calendar ~/ikiwiki.setup 'posts/* and	!*/Discussion'

       This  command  uses  two	 templates  to	generate  the pages, calendar-
       month.tmpl and calendaryear.tmpl.

plugins/calendar setup option
       Most of the goals of this command can be	replaced by setting up	calen-
       dar_autocreate  setup  option (of plugin	plugins/calendar), and running
       ikiwiki --setup you.setup. The only thing that ikiwiki-calendar can  do
       and that	ikiwiki	cannot is forcing page generation (using -f switch).

       Joey Hess <>


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