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IEEE8021_AMRR(9)       FreeBSD Kernel Developer's Manual      IEEE8021_AMRR(9)

     ieee80211_amrr -- 802.11 network driver transmit rate control support

     #include <net80211/ieee80211_amrr.h>

     ieee80211_amrr_init(struct	ieee80211_amrr *, struct ieee80211vap *,
	 int amin, int amax, int interval);

     ieee80211_amrr_cleanup(struct ieee80211_amrr *);

     ieee80211_amrr_setinterval(struct ieee80211_amrr *, int interval);

     ieee80211_amrr_node_init(struct ieee80211_amrr *,
	 struct	ieee80211_amrr_node *, struct ieee80211_node *);

     ieee80211_amrr_choose(struct ieee80211_node *,
	 struct	ieee80211_amrr_node *);

     ieee80211_amrr_tx_complete(struct ieee80211_amrr_node *, int ok,
	 int retries);

     ieee80211_amrr_tx_update(struct ieee80211_amrr_node *, int	txnct,
	 int success, int retrycnt);

     ieee80211_amrr is an implementation of the	AMRR transmit rate control al-
     gorithm for drivers that use the net80211 software	layer.	A rate control
     algorithm is responsible for choosing the transmit	rate for each frame.
     To	maximize throughput algorithms try to use the highest rate that	is ap-
     propriate for the operating conditions.  The rate will vary as conditions
     change; the distance between two stations may change, transient noise may
     be	present	that affects signal quality, etc.  ieee80211_amrr uses very
     simple information	from a driver to do it's job: whether a	frame was suc-
     cessfully delivered and how many transmit attempts	were made.  While this
     enables its use with virtually any	wireless device	it limits it's effec-
     tiveness--do not expect it	to function well in difficult environments
     and/or respond quickly to changing	conditions.

     ieee80211_amrr requires per-vap state and per-node	state for each station
     it	is to select rates for.	 The API's are designed	for drivers to pre-al-
     locate state in the driver-private	extension areas	of each	vap and	node.
     For example the ral(4) driver defines a vap as:

	   struct rt2560_vap {
		   struct ieee80211vap	   ral_vap;
		   struct ieee80211_beacon_offsets ral_bo;
		   struct ieee80211_amrr   amrr;

		   int	    (*ral_newstate)(struct ieee80211vap	*,
				 enum ieee80211_state, int);

     The amrr structure	member holds the per-vap state for ieee80211_amrr and
     ral(4) initializes	it in the vap create method with:

	   ieee80211_amrr_init(&rvp->amrr, vap,
	       500 /* ms */);

     The node is defined as:

	   struct rt2560_node {
		   struct ieee80211_node   ni;
		   struct ieee80211_amrr_node amrr;

     with initialization done in the driver's iv_newassoc method:

	   static void
	   rt2560_newassoc(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int isnew)
		   struct ieee80211vap *vap = ni->ni_vap;

		       &RT2560_NODE(ni)->amrr, ni);

     Once ieee80211_amrr state is setup, transmit rates	are requested by call-
     ing ieee80211_amrr_choose() in the	transmit path; e.g.:

	   tp =	&vap->iv_txparms[ieee80211_chan2mode(ni->ni_chan)];
	   if (IEEE80211_IS_MULTICAST(wh->i_addr1)) {
		   rate	= tp->mcastrate;
	   } else if (m0->m_flags & M_EAPOL) {
		   rate	= tp->mgmtrate;
	   } else if (tp->ucastrate != IEEE80211_FIXED_RATE_NONE) {
		   rate	= tp->ucastrate;
	   } else {
		   (void) ieee80211_amrr_choose(ni, &RT2560_NODE(ni)->amrr);
		   rate	= ni->ni_txrate;

     Note a rate is chosen only	for unicast data frames	when a fixed transmit
     rate is not configured; the other cases are handled with the net80211
     transmit parameters.  Note	also that ieee80211_amrr_choose() writes the
     chosen rate in ni_txrate; this eliminates copying the value as it is ex-
     ported to user applications so they can display the current transmit rate
     in	status.

     The remaining work	a driver must do is feed status	back to	ieee80211_amrr
     when a frame transmit completes using ieee80211_amrr_tx_complete().
     Drivers that poll a device	to retrieve statistics can use
     ieee80211_amrr_tx_update()	(instead or in addition).

     ieee80211(9), ieee80211_output(9)

FreeBSD	13.0			August 4, 2009			  FreeBSD 13.0


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