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ICEWM-MENU(5)	      Standards, Environments and Macros	 ICEWM-MENU(5)

	icewm-menu - icewm menu	configuration file


       The menu	file is	responsible for	configuring most of the	icewm(1) root
       menu and	start menu.

       A menu of applications; usually customized by the user.	icewm provides
       the icewm-menu-fdo(1) program to	generate a default menu.  Similar
       programs	are xdg_menu(1), mmaker(1) (MenuMaker),	xde-menu(1),

       The format of the file contains one of the following line syntax:

       prog ["]title["]	icon program options
	   Specifies a program to execute when the menu	item is	selected.

       restart ["]title["] icon	program	options
	   Specifies a program to replace the window manager when the menu
	   item	is selected.  This is for launching other window managers from
	   within icewm(1).

       runonce ["]title["] icon	"[res_name][.res_class]" program options
	   Specifies a program to execute when the menu	item is	selected;
	   however, if a window	of the specified res_name and res_class	is
	   present, the	program	will not be run	again.

       menu ["]title["]	icon { # contained items }
	   Specifies a sub-menu.  The lines that appear	between	the braces can
	   be any menu item described here.

       menufile	["]title["] icon ["]filename["]
	   Specifies a file from which to collect sub-menu items (lines) and
	   place them at this point in the menu.

       menuprog	["]title["] icon program options
	   Specifies a program that will print sub-menu	items on standard
	   output and will be collected	and placed in the sub-menu at this

       menuprogreload ["]title["] icon timeout program options
	   Similar to menuprog,	but after at least timeout seconds the menu is

       include ["]filename["]
	   Read	additional entries from	the file filename

       includeprog program options
	   Read	additional entries from	the output of program options.

	   A separator for menu	items.


       prog, restart, runonce, menu, menufile, menuprog, menuprogreload,
       include,	includeprog, separator
	   These are literal string keywords.

	   This	is the title string associated with the	menu item which	is
	   displayed in	the menu.  When	the title contains spaces, the title
	   must	be surrounded by double	quotes ("""), although the title may
	   always be surrounded	by double quotes if preferred.

	   Is the name of the icon file	(with or without extension) or the
	   full	path to	an icon	file.

	   res_name is the resource name of a window launched by program and
	   res_class is	the resource class of the window.  Only	one of
	   res_name or res_class need be specified.  This is used to identify
	   whether the program is already running and is for use with the
	   runonce keyword.

       program options
	   program is the name of the executable or full path to the
	   executable file that	will be	run in response	to selecting the menu
	   item.  When used with the menuprog keyword, the program must	print
	   on standard output the contents of the menu and is used for dynamic

	   options is the options and arguments	passed to the program

	   filename is the name	of the file relative to	one of the icewm(1)
	   configuration directories, or the full path to a file.  The file is
	   used	with the menufile keyword and specifies	the file from which to
	   read	further	menu items.

       Following is the	example	menu file that ships with icewm(1):

	# This is an example for IceWM's menu definition file.
	# Place	your variants in /usr/local/etc/icewm or in $HOME/.icewm
	# since	modifications to this file will	be discarded when you
	# (re)install icewm.
	prog xterm xterm xterm
	prog rxvt xterm	rxvt -bg black -cr green -fg white -C -fn 9x15 -sl 500
	prog fte fte fte
	prog NEdit nedit nedit
	prog Mozilla mozilla mozilla
	prog XChat xchat xchat
	prog Gimp gimp gimp
	menuprog "Desktop Apps"	folder icewm-menu-fdo
	menufile Programs folder programs
	menufile Tool_bar folder toolbar

       Locations for the menu file are as follows:


       The locations are searched in the order listed; the first file found is
       read and	the remainder ignored.

       icewm(1), icewm-menu-fdo(1).

       Brian Bidulock <>.

       IceWM is	licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.	See
       the COPYING file	in the distribution.

icewm 2.7.0			  2021-08-06			 ICEWM-MENU(5)


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