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IBV_QUERY_QP(3)		Libibverbs Programmer's	Manual	       IBV_QUERY_QP(3)

       ibv_query_qp - get the attributes of a queue pair (QP)

       #include	<infiniband/verbs.h>

       int ibv_query_qp(struct ibv_qp *qp, struct ibv_qp_attr *attr,
			int attr_mask,
			struct ibv_qp_init_attr	*init_attr);

       ibv_query_qp() gets the attributes specified in attr_mask for the QP qp
       and returns them	through	the pointers attr and init_attr.  The argument
       attr is an ibv_qp_attr struct, as defined in <infiniband/verbs.h>.

       struct ibv_qp_attr {
	       enum ibv_qp_state       qp_state;	    /* Current QP state	*/
	       enum ibv_qp_state       cur_qp_state;	    /* Current QP state	- irrelevant for ibv_query_qp */
	       enum ibv_mtu	       path_mtu;	    /* Path MTU	(valid only for	RC/UC QPs) */
	       enum ibv_mig_state      path_mig_state;	    /* Path migration state (valid if HCA supports APM)	*/
	       uint32_t		       qkey;		    /* Q_Key of	the QP (valid only for UD QPs) */
	       uint32_t		       rq_psn;		    /* PSN for receive queue (valid only for RC/UC QPs)	*/
	       uint32_t		       sq_psn;		    /* PSN for send queue (valid only for RC/UC	QPs) */
	       uint32_t		       dest_qp_num;	    /* Destination QP number (valid only for RC/UC QPs)	*/
	       int		       qp_access_flags;	    /* Mask of enabled remote access operations	(valid only for	RC/UC QPs) */
	       struct ibv_qp_cap       cap;		    /* QP capabilities */
	       struct ibv_ah_attr      ah_attr;		    /* Primary path address vector (valid only for RC/UC QPs) */
	       struct ibv_ah_attr      alt_ah_attr;	    /* Alternate path address vector (valid only for RC/UC QPs)	*/
	       uint16_t		       pkey_index;	    /* Primary P_Key index */
	       uint16_t		       alt_pkey_index;	    /* Alternate P_Key index */
	       uint8_t		       en_sqd_async_notify; /* Enable SQD.drained async	notification - irrelevant for ibv_query_qp */
	       uint8_t		       sq_draining;	    /* Is the QP draining? (Valid only if qp_state is SQD) */
	       uint8_t		       max_rd_atomic;	    /* Number of outstanding RDMA reads	& atomic operations on the destination QP (valid only for RC QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       max_dest_rd_atomic;  /* Number of responder resources for handling incoming RDMA	reads &	atomic operations (valid only for RC QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       min_rnr_timer;	    /* Minimum RNR NAK timer (valid only for RC	QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       port_num;	    /* Primary port number */
	       uint8_t		       timeout;		    /* Local ack timeout for primary path (valid only for RC QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       retry_cnt;	    /* Retry count (valid only for RC QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       rnr_retry;	    /* RNR retry (valid	only for RC QPs) */
	       uint8_t		       alt_port_num;	    /* Alternate port number */
	       uint8_t		       alt_timeout;	    /* Local ack timeout for alternate path (valid only	for RC QPs) */

       For  details  on	 struct	 ibv_qp_cap  see  the  description of ibv_cre-
       ate_qp().  For details on struct	ibv_ah_attr  see  the  description  of

       ibv_query_qp()  returns	0 on success, or the value of errno on failure
       (which indicates	the failure reason).

       The argument attr_mask is a hint	that specifies the minimum list	of at-
       tributes	 to  retrieve.	 Some RDMA devices may return extra attributes
       not requested, for example if the value can be returned	cheaply.  This
       has the same form as in ibv_modify_qp().

       Attribute values	are valid if they have been set	using ibv_modify_qp().
       The exact list of valid attributes depends on the QP state.

       Multiple	calls to ibv_query_qp()	may yield some differences in the val-
       ues  returned  for  the following attributes: qp_state, path_mig_state,
       sq_draining, ah_attr (if	APM is enabled).

       ibv_create_qp(3), ibv_destroy_qp(3), ibv_modify_qp(3), ibv_create_ah(3)

       Dotan Barak <>

libibverbs			  2006-10-31		       IBV_QUERY_QP(3)


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