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hwlocality_api_version(3)  Hardware Locality (hwloc) hwlocality_api_version(3)

       hwlocality_api_version -	API version

       #define HWLOC_API_VERSION   0x00020400
       #define HWLOC_COMPONENT_ABI   7

       unsigned	hwloc_get_api_version (void)

Detailed Description
Macro Definition Documentation
   #define HWLOC_API_VERSION   0x00020400
       Indicate	at build time which hwloc API version is being used. This
       number is updated to (X<<16)+(Y<<8)+Z when a new	release	X.Y.Z actually
       modifies	the API.

       Users may check for available features at build time using this number
       (see How	do I handle API	changes?).

	   This	should not be confused with HWLOC_VERSION, the library
	   version. Two	stable releases	of the same series usually have	the
	   same	HWLOC_API_VERSION even if their	HWLOC_VERSION are different.

       Current component and plugin ABI	version	(see hwloc/plugins.h)

Function Documentation
   unsigned hwloc_get_api_version (void)
       Indicate	at runtime which hwloc API version was used at build time.
       Should be HWLOC_API_VERSION if running on the same version.

       Generated automatically by Doxygen for Hardware Locality	(hwloc)	from
       the source code.

Version	2.4.1			Thu Feb	11 2021	     hwlocality_api_version(3)

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