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HVECTEXT(1gv)							 HVECTEXT(1gv)

       hvectext	- construct Geomview VECT text object from Hershey fonts

       hvectext	[-w totallength] [-s textheight] [-plane xy|xz|yz] [-at	X Y Z]
	    [-align n|s|e|w|ne|nw|se|sw|c] [-hershey fontfile.gsf] [--]	text
	    string ...

       Hvectext	 generates a Geomview/OOGL vector-text object, of given	height
       or total	length (default	-s .25).  It aligns the	given 3-D  point  (de-
       fault  -at 0 0 0) with the given	corner of the text (default -align c).
       Alignment specs are like	 geographic  directions;  -align sw  puts  the
       ``at'' point at the ``southwest'' corner	of the text, so	that its lower
       left corner is at that coordinate.

       The corresponding VECT object is	written	to  standard  output.	If  no
       non-blank  text characters are given, hvectext produces a null geom ob-
       ject ("{	}") as output.

       The special option -- marks the end of options; it's useful in case the
       text itself begins with a hyphen.

       Hvectext	 accepts  Ghostscript  Hershey	fonts; the built-in default is
       Hershey-Plain-Simplex   a.k.a.	hrpl_s.gsf.    Others	of   interest:
       hrsy_r.gsf  (Symbol),  hrpl_t.gsf  (Triplex).  For a complete list, see
       all the Ghostscript font	files of nontrivial  size  whose  names	 begin
       with "hr".

       Although	 there's  no  way to switch fonts within the string, the first
       line of output from hvectext is an OOGL comment resembling:
       # Continue with:	-align sw -plane xy -s 0.25 -at	1.24378	0 0
       giving options for hvectext to continue the string where	it left	off.

       GS_FONTPATH, if present,	is a colon-separated list  of  directories  in
       which Hershey font files	are sought.

       perl (either version 4 or 5) must be installed.

       /usr/local/lib/ghostscript/fonts	 is  searched if -hershey is given and
       GS_FONTPATH isn't set.

Geometry Center			  1 Nov	1996			 HVECTEXT(1gv)


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