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HOST.CONF(5)              FreeBSD File Formats Manual             HOST.CONF(5)

     host.conf -- resolver services configuration file


     The host.conf file holds part of the configuration for the resolver of
     FreeBSD.  It describes what services (e.g., DNS or yp(8)) the C library
     resolving routines (like gethostbyname(3)) will use, and their order of
     use, when resolving host names or addresses.

     The format of this file is human readable, and easy to modify with the
     text editor of your choice.  Lines with `#' in the first column are com-
     ments and are ignored.  The rest of the lines may contain any number of
     service names, separated by any number of colons (`:'), semicolons (`;'),
     commas (`,'), or whitespace (tab, space and newline characters).

   Valid Service Names
     Service names that are recognized as valid in host.conf are:

     /etc/hosts   An alias for `hosts'.

     bind         This service makes the resolver use Internet Domain System
                  (DNS) for resolving hostnames and addresses.  The DNS
                  resolver configuration is described in resolver(5).

     dns          An alias for `bind'.

     domain       An alias for `bind'.

     hosts        When this service name is used in host.conf, name and
                  address lookups are done by using the local hosts database.
                  The local hosts database is described in hosts(5).

     hosttable    An alias for `hosts'.

     htable       An alias for `hosts'.

     nis          When service name is used in host.conf, the resolver uses
                  YP/NIS for making lookups of hostnames and addresses.  The
                  YP/NIS system is described in yp(8).

     yellowpages  An alias for `nis'.

     yp           An alias for `nis'.

     host.conf  The services configuration file resides in /etc.

     gethostbyname(3), hosts(5), resolver(5), yp(8)

FreeBSD 4.10                   December 6, 2001                   FreeBSD 4.10


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