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HF(1)			    General Commands Manual			 HF(1)

       hf, ef, nf, pf -	address	to name	filters

       hf [-1abcdilN] [-f format] [-t secs] [file ...]
       hf -x [file ...]
       ef [-d] [file ...]
       nf [-di]	[file ...]
       pf [-d] [file ...]

       These  filters  reads the named files (or from stdin if there are none)
       and replace occurrences of a particular kind of address to  the	corre-
       sponding	name:

	      hf - converts raw	internet addresses to hostnames.
	      ef - converts ethernet addresses to hostnames.
	      nf - converts network addresses to names.
	      pf - converts square bracketed port numbers to names.

       Options common to all programs:

       -d     Dump the hash table (usually for debugging purposes).

       Options specific	to hf:

       -1     Attempt to convert only the first	address	on a line.

       -a     Use asynchronous dns lookups.

       -b     Prints  both  the	 hostname  and	the  ip	address	(the latter in
	      parentheses).  This is a shortcut	for -f "%h(%i)".

       -c     Checks the names against ip addresses; that is, the hostname the
	      address resolves to must resolve back to the address or else the
	      address is not converted to a hostname.

       -f     Specify a	format string containing escapes to be used to	create
	      the replacement text. The	escapes	are as follows:

		     %h	- hostname (%D,	%N, %l or even %i)
		     %D	- local	domain truncated hostname
		     %N	- domain truncated hostname
		     %l	- long hostname	(FQDN)
		     %i	- ip address
		     %%	- %

	      Unrecognized  escapes  expand  to	the character without the per-
	      cent.  It's acceptable to	use specific escapes more  than	 once.
	      Specifying an empty format resets	it to the default ("%h").

       -i     Force converted names to be all lowercase.

       -l     By  default, hf strips the domain	part of	hostnames in the local
	      domain. The -l flag suppresses this stripping.

       -N     Strips the entire	domain of all hostnames.

       -t     Specify a	timeout	(in seconds) for name and address lookups.  By
	      default, timeouts	are left up to the resolver routines.

       -x     Instead  of  replacing  ip addresses with	names, just output the
	      raw ip addresses,	one per	line. No other flags are  allowed  (or
	      would even make sense).

       Options specific	to nf:

       -i     Force converted names to be all lowercase.

       -b     Prints  both  the	 hostname  and	the  ip	address	(the latter in

       -p     Pad network addresses to four octets.

       gethostbyaddr(3), ether_aton(3),	getnetbyaddr(3), getservbyport(3)

       If a port number	has different tcp and udp names, pf will favor the tcp

4th Berkeley Distribution      October,	20 2017				 HF(1)


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