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help(1)				     fish			       help(1)

       help -- display fish documentation

       help [SECTION]

       help displays the fish help documentation.

       If a SECTION is specified, the help for that command is shown.

       If the BROWSER environment variable is set, it will be used to display
       the documentation. Otherwise, fish will search for a suitable browser.

       If you prefer to	use a different	browser	(other than as described
       above) for fish help, you can set the fish_help_browser variable. This
       variable	may be set as an array,	where the first	element	is the browser
       command and the rest are	browser	options.

       Note that most builtin commands display their help in the terminal when
       given the --help	option.

       help fg shows the documentation for the fg builtin.

Version	2.5.0			Fri Feb	3 2017			       help(1)


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