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HDPVR(4)	       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		      HDPVR(4)

     hdpvr -- webcamd driver for Hauppauge USB HD-PVR


     The hdpvr driver supports the Hauppauge HD-PVR, a USB device that cap-
     tures the component video outputs and analog/optical audio	outputs	of
     consumer devices such as cable/satellite set-top-boxes, HD	disk players,
     and video game consoles. The HD-PVR captures video	via component output,
     permitting	the capture of HD video	from most sources. Since component
     video cannot be encrypted,	satellite and premium television can be	fully
     accessible	to applications	such as	MythTV.

     Devices using the hdpvr driver become available to	other applications
     once webcamd(8) is	loaded.

     The hdpvr driver should work with the following USB devices. The
     usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a
     plugged in	USB device.

     VendorID:ProductID			 Device
     2040:4900				 Hauppauge HD-PVR
     2040:4901				 Hauppauge HD-PVR
     2040:4902				 Hauppauge HD-PVR
     2040:4903				 Hauppauge HD-PVR
     2040:4982				 Hauppauge HD-PVR

     Newer ProductIDs may also be supported by adding them to the hdpvr.h and
     hdpvr-core.c files	found within the work/ subdirectory of the webcamd
     ports directory. If this directory	does not exist,	run "make extract" in
     /usr/ports/multimedia/webcamd, edit the files, then compile the port.

     Firmware upgrades must be run from	a Windows system. If you have a	"rev
     c1" unit you must install the HD-PVR at least once	on a Windows machine
     to	load the firmware into it. If you have a Revision 2 unit (including a
     sticker marked "rev c2" on	the bottom of the unit)	then it	will come
     loaded with a firmware.

     a800(4), af9005(4), af9015(4), anysee(4), au0828(4), au6610(4), b2c2(4),
     benq(4), ce6230(4), cinergy(4), conex(4), cpiax(4), cxusb(4), dib0700(4),
     digitv(4),	dtt200u(4), dtv5100(4),	dw2102(4), ec168(4), em28xx(4),
     et61x251(4), finepix(4), friio(4),	gl860(4), gl861(4), gp8psk(4),
     ibmcam(4),	jeilinj(4), m5602(4), m920x(4),	mars(4), mr800(4),
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     sn9c20x(4), sonixj(4), spca5xx(4),	sq905c(4), stk014(4), stv06xx(4),
     sunplus(4), t613(4), ttusb2(4), tv8532(4),	umt(4),	usbvision(4), uvc(4),
     vc032x(4),	vp702x(4), vp7045(4), zc3xx(4),	zr364xx(4), webcamd(8)

     The original hdpvr	driver was written by Janne Grunau	for
     the Video4Linux project. It was ported to the FreeBSD webcamd port	by
     Hans Petter Selasky	This man page was written by
     Dru Lavigne

FreeBSD				 Jan 19, 2011			       FreeBSD


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