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HCIDUMP(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		    HCIDUMP(1)

     hcidump --	Parse HCI data

     hcidump [-h]
     hcidump [-aRtx] [-i HCI_node] [-p PSM] [-r	file] [-s length] [-w file]

     hcidump reads raw HCI data	coming from and	going to a Bluetooth device
     (which can	be specified with the option -i, default is all	available de-
     vices) and	prints to screen commands, events and data in a	human-readable
     form.  Optionally,	the dump can be	written	to a file rather than parsed,
     and the dump file can be parsed in	a subsequent moment.

     -a	     For every packet, not only	is the packet type displayed, but also
	     all data in ASCII format.

     -h	     Prints usage info and exits.

     -i	HCI_node
	     Data is read from the specified device.  If not specified,	and if
	     -r	option is not set, data	is read	from the all available Blue-
	     tooth devices.

     -p	PSM  Sets default Protocol Service Multiplexer (PSM) to	specified

     -R	     Raw mode: do not display packet type, only	data.

     -r	file
	     Data is not read from a Bluetooth device, but from	the specified
	     file.  The	file can be created with option	-w.

     -s	length
	     Sets max length of	processed packets.

     -t	     Prepend a time stamp to every packet.

     -w	file
	     Parsed output is not printed to screen, instead data read from
	     the device	are saved into the specified file.  The	saved dump
	     file can be subsequently parsed with option -r.

     -x	     For every packet, not only	is the packet type displayed, but also
	     all data in hex format.

     Filter is a space-separated list of packet	categories: available cate-
     gories are	bnep, cmtp, hci, hidp, l2cap, rfcomm, sco and sdp.  If filters
     are used, only packets belonging to the specified categories are dumped.
     By	default, all packets are dumped.

     Maxim Krasnyansky <>
     Fabrizio Gennari <>

FreeBSD	13.0		       November, 12 2002		  FreeBSD 13.0


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