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guacenc(1)		       Apache Guacamole			    guacenc(1)

       guacenc - Guacamole video encoder

       guacenc [-s WIDTHxHEIGHT] [-r BITRATE] [-f] [FILE]...

       guacenc is a video encoder which	accepts	Guacamole protocol dumps, such
       as those	saved when screen recording is enabled on a Guacamole  connec-
       tion,  writing  standard	video files as output.	guacenc	is essentially
       an implementation of a Guacamole	client which accepts  its  input  from
       files  instead  of  a network connection, and renders directly to video
       instead of to the user's	screen.

       Each FILE specified will	be encoded as MPEG-4 video to a	new file named
       FILE.m4v, encoded according to the other	options	specified. By default,
       the output video	will be	640x480	pixels,	and will be saved with	a  bi-
       trate  of 2000000 bits per second (2 Mbps). These defaults can be over-
       ridden with the -s and -r options respectively. Existing	files will not
       be overwritten; the encoding process for	any input file will be aborted
       if it would result in overwriting an existing file.

       Guacamole acquires a write lock on recordings as	they are  being	 writ-
       ten.  By	 default,  guacenc  will  check	whether	the each input file is
       locked and will refuse to read and encode an input file if  it  appears
       to  be  an  in-progress	recording.  This behavior can be overridden by
       specifying the -f option. Encoding an in-progress recording will	 still
       result in a valid video;	the video will simply cover the	user's session
       only up to the current point in time.

       -s WIDTHxHEIGHT
	      Changes the resolution of	the video that guacenc renders.	By de-
	      fault, this will be 640x480.

       -r BITRATE
	      Changes  the  bitrate that guacenc will use for the saved	video.
	      This is specified	in bits	per second. By default,	this  will  be
	      2000000  (2  Mbps).  Higher  values  will	 result	 in larger but
	      higher-quality video files. Lower	values will result in  smaller
	      but lower-quality	video files.

       -f     Overrides	 the default behavior of guacenc such that input files
	      will be encoded even if they appear  to  be  recordings  of  in-
	      progress Guacamole sessions.


version	1.2.0			  26 Jan 2018			    guacenc(1)


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