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GQRX(1)				 User Commands			       GQRX(1)

       gqrx - Software Defined Radio GUI application

       Gqrx  is	 a software defined radio (SDR)	receiver implemented using GNU
       Radio and the Qt	GUI toolkit. It	works with hardware supported  by  gr-
       osmosdr,	 including  Funcube  Dongle, RTL-SDR, Airspy, HackRF, BladeRF,
       RFSpace,	USRP and SoapySDR.

       Gqrx can	operate	as an AM/FM/SSB	receiver with audio output  or	as  an
       FFT-only	 instrument. There are also various hooks for interacting with
       external	applications using network sockets.

       It is strongly recommended to run the volk_profile utility before  run-
       ning gqrx. This will detect and enable processor-specific optimisations
       and will	in many	cases give a significant performance boost.

       The first time you start	gqrx it	will open a device configuration  dia-
       log.   Supported	devices	that are connected to the computer are discov-
       ered automatically and you can select any  of  them  in	the  drop-down

       If  you	don't see your device listed in	the drop-down list it could be

       o      The driver has not been included in a binary distribution

       o      The udev rule has	not been properly configured

       o      Linux kernel driver is blocking access to	the device

       You can test your device	using device specific tools, such as rtl_test,
       airspy_rx, hackrf_transfer, qthid, etc.

       Gqrx  supports multiple configurations and sessions if you have several
       devices or if you want to use the same device under different  configu-
       rations.	You can	load a configuration from the GUI or using the -c com-
       mand line argument.

       -h, --help
	      Display the help page

       -s, --style style
	      Use the given style (fusion, windows)

       -l, --list
	      List existing configurations

       -c, --conf file
	      Start with a specific configuration file

       -e, --edit
	      Edit the configuration file before using it

       -r, --reset
	      Reset the	configuration file


gqrx 2.14.3		       December	9, 2020			       GQRX(1)


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