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GONE(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual		       GONE(1)

     gone -- a terminal	locking	utility	with many improvements over lock

     gone [-bvpxl] [-y | -n] [-t timeout]

     gone is a utility that locks a terminal with a password chosen by the
     user.  gone will prompt the user for a password, then print the gone ban-
     ner, then drop into the gone shell.  From this shell, only	a restricted
     set of commands can be run.  gone will also disallow messages by removing
     permissions on the	parent tty.  After the timeout period (10 minutes by
     default), gone will automatically log the user out.

     If	gone is	installed setuid to root, then specifying the -p option	will
     instruct gone to read the password	from the system	password file/database
     instead of	prompting the user.  Setuid'ing	the program is done by setting
     the environmental variable	with_setuid to ``yes'' then running configure.


     -b		 Supress printing the gone banner.

     -v		 Print the version number and exit.

     -p		 Read the password from	the system password database (must be
		 setuid	root at	install-time).

     -x		 Supress processing of extended	shell commands (see the	sec-
		 tion on shell commands	below).

     -l		 Prevent VTY switching if supported by the platform.

     -y		 By default gone turns messages	off (see mesg(1) ).  This op-
		 tion will turn	messages on.

     -n		 Same as the -y	option (deprecated).

     -t	timeout	 Specify an optional timeout value in minutes.	Default	is 10
		 minutes.  If set to 0,	gone will lock the terminal indefi-

     gone also accepts an optional string that is visible by using the w(1)
     command.  Use this, and other users can see why you are gone.

     Commands for the gone shell (these	commands can be	abbreviated):

     w	     Invoke a UNIX w(1)	command	(extended command).

     finger  Invoke a UNIX finger(1) command.  When you	type finger , you will
	     be	prompted for optional arguments	(extended command).

     whoami  Invoke a UNIX whoami(1) command (extended command).

     help    Print the gone banner, and	list of	valid commands.

     cls     Clear the screen and print	the gone banner.

     date    Invoke the	UNIX date(1) command (extended command).

     unlock  Unlock the	terminal; prompts for unlock password.

     /usr/local/bin/gone  Gone binary application

     * gone will only run if the user is logged	into a valid tty.
     * Invoking	a SIGINT, a SIGSTP, or a SIGQUIT will cause gone to print the
     time remaining before the user is logged out.

     No	known bugs, but	I welcome any bug reports or comments to <marcus@mar->

     Joe Marcus	Clarke <>

     Dr. Burt "THE Doctor" Rosenberg, for motivating, for being	a good friend,
     and for having a great jump shot.
     Alexandra Loubeau,	for using the damn thing.
     Jason Glick for giving me the quota to do most of the initial work...and
     for Joe Satriani.
     Craig Kolthoff for	installing it on jaguar....finally; and	for giving me
     a monster quota for FreeBSD.
     Blake Winton <>, for contributing	the patch for indefi-
     nite terminal locking.

BSD			       October 13, 2003				   BSD


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