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GOLDED(1)		    General Commands Manual		     GOLDED(1)

       golded -	offline	message	reader for Fidonet and Usenet

       golded [-options] [keystacking]

       This  manual  page  documents  briefly  the  command line parameters of
       GoldEd+ (binary file golded).

       All options is case-insensitive.

       -? or -H
	      Displays a help screen with all available	commandline options.

	      Specifies	 another   configuration   file	  than	 the   default

       -D     Disable  old configuration keywords. For backward	compatibility,
	      GoldED+ still supports a number of old names for some configura-
	      tion  keywords. I	recommend that you use -D sometimes and	rename
	      the keywords that	are reported as	unknown.

	      If specified, GoldED+ starts directly in the specified echo, by-
	      passing  the  arealist  screen.  See the AREASTART configuration
	      keyword for more info.

	      Calls the	SOUP packet export feature during the  startup	phase.
	      This  is	the  same  as  starting	 it  from  the	areascan  SOUP
	      Packet->Export menu item.	The SOUP  export  happens  immediately
	      after the	regular	startup	area scanning (if that is enabled) and
	      after SOUP import.

       -F     Force recompile of most configuration files, but not  all.  Does
	      not recompile the	*.CHS files.

       -FF    Force  complete recompile	of all configuration files, regardless
	      of whether they are up-to-date or	not.  This  is	equivalent  to
	      deleting all the *.GE?  files.

	      Start  the  quick	 install  procedure. You should	give a path to
	      your other mail software if it cannot be found using environment
	      variables	or in current directory.

	      Calls  the  SOUP packet import feature during the	startup	phase.
	      This  is	the  same  as  starting	 it  from  the	areascan  SOUP
	      Packet->Import  menu  item.  The SOUP import happens immediately
	      after the	regular	startup	area scanning (if that is enabled).

       -M     Mute sounds. Disables all	noises in GoldED+.

       -N     No share.	If used, this prevents GoldED+ from using  SHARE  com-
	      patible  file-open  calls, which are used	by default. Works only
	      until the	SHAREMODE keyword is used in GOLDED.CFG. This  keyword
	      is  normally  not	useful,	but may	be used	to debug your setup or

	      Disable the automatic startup area  scanning  (if	 that  is  en-
	      abled).  This  is	 useful	 for automated SOUP import/export in a
	      batch file. For example, -noscan -importsoup @x y	 imports  SOUP
	      then exits.

       -Q     Quiet.  Turns  off  verbose  config compile. On by default. This
	      could be used on the commandline to disable a -B	-V  option  in
	      the GEDCMD environment variable.

	      Sort  all	areas according	to -IR <sortspec> .  See the AREALIST-
	      SORT config keyword for details.

	      Set the timeout value. A value of	zero (0) means never  timeout.
	      See the TIMEOUT config keyword for details.

       -V     Turns on verbose config compile. When used, GoldED+ will display
	      the full filename	of each	main config file it compiles. It  also
	      displays	the name of the	detected multitasker, if any. This can
	      be useful	for debugging your setup, and see if GoldED+  accesses
	      the  files  (especially  the AREAFILE's) it is supposed to.  -VV
	      Same as -V, but also displays all	the active lines while compil-
	      ing.  This could be used to find the exact spot if it crashes or
	      stops while compiling.

       -W     If used, GoldED+ will create (and	 overwrite  if	existing)  the
	      file  GOLDAREA.INC,  which  will	then  contain all areas	in the
	      AREADEF form, sorted by your AREALISTSORT	specification. This is
	      very  useful  for	 converting  your AREAFILE's to	a form you can
	      edit with	your favorite text editor and use in  GoldED+.	It  is
	      also  useful  if	you  have used the new AREADESC	keyword	or the
	      AREAFILE EchoList	reader.	The GOLDAREA.INC file (created in  the
	      GOLDPATH)	 can  be  used	by adding INCLUDE GOLDAREA.INC to your
	      GOLDED.CFG or GOLDAREA.CFG. When creating	the file, GoldED+ will
	      use  .  if an aka	is the same as the main	aka, and leave out the
	      optional origin if it's the same as the  first  ORIGIN  in  your
	      GOLDED.CFG.  This	makes it easier	to share the same GOLDAREA.INC
	      between different	setups.

       -X, -Y, -Z
	      Reserved for debugging purposes.

       Any non-option characters on the	commandline are	stuffed	into the  key-
       board  buffer. See the chapter on keyboard definition and the KEYBSTACK
       keyword for more	info.

       GOLDED Path to the GOLDED.CFG file. It is recommended to	set this vari-
	      able,  but  don't	 forget	 to change it if you move your GoldED+
	      setup to a different directory!

       GEDCMD Specifies	additional commandline options.	Use this if  you  want
	      to specify options, but need to run GoldED without them (for ex-
	      ample when renaming GOLDED.EXE to	DBEDIT.EXE in  older  versions
	      of D'Bridge). You	can override the environment options with com-
	      mandline options.

       rddt(1),	goldnode(1), Golded+ User Manual and GoldED+ Reference Manual.

       GoldEd is copyright (C) 1990-1999 Odinn Sorensen

       GoldEd+ is copyright (C)	1999-2001 Alexander S. Aganichev

       GoldEd+ 1.1.5 is	copyright (C) 2005 Stas	Degteff	and Golded+ team

       This manual page	was written by Peter  Karlsson	and  updated  by  Stas

			      September, 10 2005		     GOLDED(1)


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