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glutKeyboardUpFunc(3GLUT)	     GLUT	     glutKeyboardUpFunc(3GLUT)

       glutKeyboardUpFunc  -  sets  the	keyboard up (key release) callback for
       the current window.

       void glutKeyboardUpFunc(void (*func)(unsigned char key,
			     int x, int	y));

       func	 The new keyboard up callback function.

       glutKeyboardFunc	sets the keyboard up (key release)  callback  for  the
       current	window.	  When	a user types into the window, each key release
       matching	an ASCII character will	generate a keyboard up	callback.  The
       key  callback  parameter	is the generated ASCII character. The state of
       modifier	keys such as Shift cannot be determined	directly;  their  only
       effect will be on the returned ASCII data. The x	and y callback parame-
       ters indicate the mouse location	in window  relative  coordinates  when
       the key was pressed. When a new window is created, no keyboard callback
       is initially registered,	and ASCII key strokes in the  window  are  ig-
       nored. Passing NULL to glutKeyboardFunc disables	the generation of key-
       board callbacks.

       During a	keyboard up callback, glutGetModifiers may be called to	deter-
       mine the	state of modifier keys when the	keystroke generating the call-
       back occurred.

       To avoid	the reporting of key release/press pairs due to	 auto  repeat,
       use glutIgnoreKeyRepeat to ignore auto repeated keystrokes.

       There  is  no guarantee that the	keyboard press callback	will match the
       exact ASCII character as	the keyboard up	callback.   For	 example,  the
       key  down  may  be for a	lowercase b, but the key release may report an
       uppercase B if the shift	state has changed.  The	same applies  to  sym-
       bols and	control	characters.  The precise behavior is window system de-

       Use glutSpecialUpFunc for a means to detect non-ASCII key releases.

       glutKeyboardFunc, glutSpecialUpFunc, glutSpecialFunc, glutCreateWindow,
       glutMouseFunc,  glutSpaceballButtonFunc,	glutButtonBoxFunc, glutTablet-
       ButtonFunc, glutGetModifiers, glutIgnoreKeyRepeat

       Mark J. Kilgard (

GLUT				      3.7	     glutKeyboardUpFunc(3GLUT)


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