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GLMARK2(1)		    General Commands Manual		    GLMARK2(1)

       glmark2-es2 - OpenGL (ES) 2.0 benchmark suite

       glmark2-es2 [options]

       glmark2-es2 is a	benchmark for OpenGL (ES) 2.0. It only uses the	subset
       of the OpenGL 2.0 API that is compatible	with OpenGL ES 2.0.

       -b, --benchmark BENCH
	      A	benchmark to run: 'scene(:opt1=val1)*' (the option can be used
	      multiple times)

       -f, --benchmark-file FILE
	      Load  benchmarks	to run from a file containing a	list of	bench-
	      mark descriptions	(one per line) (the option can be used	multi-
	      ple times)

	      Run a quick output validation test instead of running the	bench-

       --data-path PATH
	      Path to glmark2 models, shaders and textures

       --frame-end METHOD
	      How to end a frame [default,none,swap,finish,readpixels]

	      Render to	an off-screen surface

	      The visual  configuration	 to  use  for  the  rendering  target:
	      'red=R:green=G:blue=B:alpha=A:buffer=BUF'. The parameters	may be
	      defined in any order, and	any omitted parameters	assume	a  de-
	      fault value of '1'

	      Use a single context for all scenes (by default, each scene gets
	      its own context)

       -s, --size WxH
	      Size of the output window	(default: 800x600)

	      Run in fullscreen	mode (equivalent to --size -1x-1)

       -l, --list-scenes
	      Display information about	the available scenes and their options

	      Show all scene option values used	for benchmarks	(only  explic-
	      itly set options are shown by default)

	      Run  indefinitely,  looping  from	the last benchmark back	to the

	      Annotate the benchmarks with on-screen information (same	as  -b

       -d, --debug
	      Display debug messages

       -h, --help
	      Display help

       glmark2-es2  offers  a suite of scenes that can be used to measure many
       aspects of OpenGL (ES) 2.0 performance. The way in which	each scene  is
       rendered	is configurable	through	a set of options. To get the available
       scenes and their	acceptable options you can use the  -l,	 --list-scenes
       command line option.

       In  glmark2-es2,	a benchmark is defined as a scene plus a set of	option
       values.	You can	specify	the list and order of the benchmarks to	run by
       using  the  -b,	--benchmark  command  line  option  (possibly multiple
       times).	If no benchmarks are specified,	a default set of benchmarks is
       used.  If  a  benchmark	option is not specified	it assumes its default
       value (listed with -l, --list-scenes).

       As a special case, a benchmark description string  is  allowed  to  not
       contain a scene name (i.e. to start with	':'). In this case, any	speci-
       fied option values are used as the default values for  benchmarks  fol-
       lowing this description string.

       To run the default benchmarks:


       To  run	a  benchmark  using scene 'shading' with a 'duration' of '5.0'
       seconds and
	'shading' of type 'phong':

	      glmark2-es2 -b shading:duration=5.0:shading=phong

       To run a	series of benchmarks use the -b, --benchmark command line  op-
       tion multiple times:

	      glmark2-es2  -b  shading:duration=5.0  -b	build:use-vbo=false -b

       To set default option values for	benchmarks:

	      glmark2-es2 -b :duration=2.0  -b	shading	 -b  build  -b	:dura-
	      tion=5.0 -b texture

       glmark2-es2  was	 written by Alexandros Frantzis	and Jesse Barker based
       on the original glmark by Ben Smith.

glmark2-es2 2020.04		  April	2020			    GLMARK2(1)


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