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       git-lfs-track - View or add Git LFS paths to Git	attributes

       git lfs track [options] [pattern...]

       Start tracking the given	patterns(s) through Git	LFS. The pattern argu-
       ment is written to .gitattributes. If no	 paths	are  provided,	simply
       list the	currently-tracked paths.

       The  gitattributes documentation
       states	that   patterns	   use	  the	 gitignore    pattern	 rules to match paths. This means that pat-
       terns which contain asterisk (*), question mark (?),  and  the  bracket
       characters  ([  and  ]) are treated specially; to disable this behavior
       and treat them literally	instead, use --filename	or escape the  charac-
       ter with	a backslash.

       o   --verbose  -v:  If  enabled,	 have git lfs track log	files which it
	   will	touch. Disabled	by default.

       o   --dry-run -d: If enabled, have git lfs track	 log  all  actions  it
	   would  normally  take  (adding  entries to .gitattributes, touching
	   files on disk, etc) without performing any mutative	operations  to
	   the disk.

	   git	lfs track --dry-run [files] also implicitly mocks the behavior
	   of passing the --verbose, and will log in greater detail what it is

	   Disabled by default.

       o   --filename  Treat  the  arguments as	literal	filenames, not as pat-
	   terns. Any special glob characters in the filename will be  escaped
	   when	writing	the .gitattributes file.

       o   --lockable  -l  Make	 the  paths 'lockable',	meaning	they should be
	   locked to edit them,	and will be made read-only in the working copy
	   when	not locked.

       o   --not-lockable  Remove the lockable flag from the paths so they are
	   no longer read-only unless locked.

       o   --no-excluded Do not	list patterns that are excluded	in the output;
	   only	list patterns that are tracked.

       o   --no-modify-attrs  Makes matched entries stat-dirty so that Git can
	   re-index files you wish to convert to LFS. Does not modify any .gi-
	   tattributes file(s).

       List the	patterns that Git LFS is currently tracking:

	      git lfs track

       Configure Git LFS to track GIF files:

	      git lfs track "*.gif"

       Configure  Git  LFS  to	track PSD files	and make them read-only	unless

	      git lfs track --lockable "*.psd"

       Configure Git LFS to track the file named project [1].psd:

	      git lfs track --filename "project	[1].psd"

       git-lfs-untrack(1), git-lfs-install(1), gitattributes(5), gitignore(5).

       Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

				   May 2020		      GIT-LFS-TRACK(1)


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