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git-forest(1)			    hxtools			 git-forest(1)

       git-forest -- display the commit	history	forest

       git-forest      [-a]	[--no-rebase]	  [--style=number]     [--sha]
       [--svdepth=depth] [rev-list-options] [refspec...]

       git-forest is a command-line zero-lookahead git repository history  vi-
       sualizer	with Unicode output with a bit of gitk resemblance.

   Why another program?
       The  tree  visualization	 of  gitk  is very useful, but there were (git
       1.5.4 timeframe)	no decent visualizers that can run in a	 console  win-
       dow, without the	need to	have X around (which gitk depends on). tig has
       numerous	limitations, it	 cannot	 display  octopus  merges  or  octopus
       branching.  As  of  git	1.5.6, there are still no other	Unicode-output
       programs	known to me.

   A bit of internals
       git-forest originally was a zero-lookahead  visualizer,	i.e.  branches
       were  accomodated  when they have first been seen. Since	mid-June 2008,
       git-forest has a	lookahead tunable that controls	 how  long  an	inter-
       merge vine (a branch in the graphical sense) can	be.

       -a     Display author for each commit.

	      Do not show the rebase pseudo-refs.

	      Use single-line visuals (default).

	      Use double-line visuals.

	      Use  specific  rounded  Unicode  visuals for edges; glyphs might
	      only be available	with X11 terminals and appropriate fonts.

	      Use single bold-line visuals. Not	readily	usable with  VGA  con-
	      sole fonts without special unimaps.

       --sha  Display (abbreviated) SHAs for each commit.

	      This  option  controls  the maximum length of merge subvines. It
	      defaults to 2.

       All other options and arguments are passed down	to  git-log.  Commonly
       useful options are --all	and --topo-order.

       git-forest --all	| less -RS
       git-forest origin/master	| less -RS

       This  tool  does	 not  try to minimize the empty	space between branches
       like gitk does. Take it as a feature.

See also

hxtools				  2008-07-06			 git-forest(1)

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