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GIT-CHANGELOG(1)		  Git Extras		      GIT-CHANGELOG(1)

       git-changelog - Generate	a changelog report

       git-changelog [options] [<file>]
       git-changelog {-h | --help | ?}

       Generates  a  changelog from git(1) tags	(annotated or lightweight) and
       commit messages.	Existing changelog files  with	filenames  that	 begin
       with Change or History will be identified automatically with a case in-
       sensitive match pattern and existing content will be  appended  to  the
       new  output  generated--this behavior can be disabled by	specifying the
       prune option (-p|--prune-old). The generated file  will	be  opened  in
       $EDITOR when set.

       If no tags exist, then all commits are output; if tags exist, then only
       the most-recent commits are output up to	the last identified tag.  This
       behavior	 can be	changed	by specifying one or both of the range options
       (-f|--final-tag and -s|--start-tag).

       You could customize the changelog format	via some git config options.

       o   git config changelog.format $format controls	 the  format  of  each
	   commit.  It	will be	passed as git log --pretty=format:$format. The
	   default value is * %s.

       o   git config changelog.mergeformat $format is	like  changelog.format
	   but only used when --merges-only is specified. The default value is
	   * %s%n%w(64,4,4)%b.


       The name	of the output file. By default the new file will be
       unless  an  existing  changelog	is detected in which case the existing
       file will be updated.

       -a, --all

       Retrieve	all commits. Ignores -s|--start-tag/commit and	-f|--final-tag
       options (if set).

       -l, --list

       Show commits in list format (without titles, dates).

       -t, --tag

       Specify a tag label to use for most-recent (untagged) commits.

       -f, --final-tag

       When specifying a range,	the newest tag at which	point commit retrieval
       will end. Commits will be returned from the very	first commit until the
       final tag unless	a start	tag is also specified.

       -s, --start-tag

       When  specifying	a range, the oldest tag	to retrieve commits from. Com-
       mits will be returned from the start tag	to now unless a	final  tag  is
       also specified.


       Like the	--start-tag but	specify	the oldest commit instead of tag. Note
       that the	specified commit will be contained in the changelog.

       -n, --no-merges

       Filters out merge commits (commits with more than 1 parent) from	gener-
       ated changelog.

       -m, --merges-only

       Uses only merge commits (commits	with more than 1 parent) for generated
       changelog. It also changes the default format to	include	the merge com-
       mit  messages body, as on github	the commits subject line only contains
       the branch name but no information about	the content of the merge.

       -p, --prune-old

       Replace existing	 changelog  entirely  with  newly  generated  content,
       thereby	disabling the default behavior of appending the	content	of any
       detected	changelog to the end of	newly generated	content.

       -x, --stdout

       Write output to stdout instead of to a new changelog file.

       -h, --help, ?

       Show a help message with	basic usage information.

       Updating	existing file or creating a new  file  with	pretty
       formatted output:

	      $	git changelog

       Listing commits from the	current	version:

	      $	git changelog --list

       Listing a range of commits from 2.1.0 to	now:

	      $	git changelog --list --start-tag 2.1.0

       Listing a pretty	formatted version of the same:

	      $	git changelog --start-tag 2.1.0

       Listing a range of commits from initial commit to 2.1.0:

	      $	git changelog --list --final-tag 2.1.0

       Listing a pretty	formatted range	of commits between 0.5.0 and 1.0.0:

	      $	git changelog --start-tag 0.5.0	--final-tag 1.0.0

       Listing a pretty	formatted range	of commits between 0b97430 and 1.0.0:

	      $	git changelog --start-commit 0b97430 --final-tag 1.0.0

       Specifying a file for output:

	      $	git changelog

       And if an existing Changelog exists, replace its	contents entirely:

	      $	git changelog --prune-old

       Written by Mark Eissler <>



				   June	2018		      GIT-CHANGELOG(1)


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