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GIFECHO(1)		     GIFLIB Documentation		    GIFECHO(1)

       gifecho - generate a GIF	from ASCII text

       gifecho [-v] [-s	colormap-size] [-f foreground] [-c R G B] [-t text]
	       [-h] [gif-file]

       A program to generate GIF images	out of regular text. Text can be one
       line or multi-line, and is converted using 8 by 8 fixed font.

       This program reads stdin	if no text is provided on the command line
       (-t), and will dump the created GIF file	to stdout.

	   Verbose mode	(show progress). Enables printout of running scan

       -s colormap-size
	   Explicitly defines the size of the color map	of the resulting gif
	   image. Usually the image will be bicolor with fg as color 1,	unless
	   [-f]	is explicitly given in case the	color map size will be big
	   enough to hold it. However it is sometimes convenient to set	the
	   color map size to certain size while	the fg color is	small mainly
	   so this image may be	merged with another (images must match color
	   map size).

       -f foreground
	   Select foreground index (background is always 0). By	default	it is
	   one and therefore the image result is bicolored. if FG is set to n
	   then	color map will be created with 2^k entries where 2^k > n for
	   minimum k, assuming k <= 8. This color map will be all zeros	except
	   this	foreground index. This option is useful	if this	text image
	   should be integrated	into other image colormap using	their colors.

       -c R G B
	   The color to	use as the foreground color. White by default.

       -t text
	   One line of text can	be provided on the command line. Note you must
	   encapsulate the Text	within quotes if it has	spaces (The quotes
	   themselves are not treated as part of the text). If no -t option is
	   provided, stdin is read until end of	file.

	   Print one line command line help, similar to	Usage above.

       There is	a hardcoded limit of 100 the number of lines.

       Gershon Elber.

GIFLIB				  2 May	2012			    GIFECHO(1)


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