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gif2swf(1)			   swftools			    gif2swf(1)

       gif2swf	-  Takes  a  number  of	 gif  files and	converts them to a swf
       movie, one picture per frame.

       gif2swf [-X width]  [-Y	height]	 [-o  file.swf]	 [-r  rate]  file1.gif
       [file2.gif ...]

       This tools converts gif image files into	an SWF animation. It takes any
       number of input pictures, and converts them to  SWF  one-by-one,	 where
       every converted picture is a seperate frame in the target SWF.

       -r, --rate framerate
		  Set movie framerate (frames per second)

       -o, --output filename
		  Explicitly  specify  output file. (Otherwise,	output will go
	      to stdout	/ output.swf)

       -z, --zlib zlib
		  Use Flash MX (SWF 6) Zlib encoding for the output.  The  re-
	      sulting SWF will be
		  smaller,  but	not playable in	Flash Plugins of Version 5 and

       -l, --loop loop count
		  Set loop count. (default: 0 [=infinite loop])

       -X, --pixel width
		  Force	movie width to width (default: autodetect)

       -Y, --pixel height
		  Force	movie height to	height (default: autodetect)

       -v, --verbose level
		  Set verbose level (0=quiet, 1=default, 2=debug)

       -C, --cgi
		  For use as CGI- prepend http header, write to	stdout

       -V, --version
		  Print	version	information and	exit

gif2swf				 February 2012			    gif2swf(1)


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