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getpgrp(2)							    getpgrp(2)

       getpgrp - get process group

       #include	<sys/types.h>
       #include	<unistd.h>

       pgrp = getpgrp(pid)
       pid_t pgrp;
       pid_t pid;

       The system call returns the process group of the	specified process.  If
       pid is zero, the	call applies to	the current process.

       Process groups are used for distribution	of signals and by terminals to
       arbitrate  requests  for	 their	input.	 Processes  that have the same
       process group as	the terminal are the foreground	and  may  read,	 while
       others block with a signal if they attempt to read.

       This  call  is  used  by	 programs  such	as to create process groups in
       implementing job	control.  The TIOCGPGRP	and TIOCSPGRP calls  described
       in are used to get and set the process group of the control terminal.

       When  your program is compiled in the System V or POSIX environment, is
       called without arguments	and the	process	group of the  current  process
       is returned.

       Additionally, in	POSIX mode, returns a value type of pid_t.

       The call	fails under the	following condition:

       [ESRCH]	      No such process, PID.

See Also
       getuid(2), setpgrp(2), tty(4)


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