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getconfig(1)		    General Commands Manual		  getconfig(1)

       getconfig - get configuration information for the Xorg server

       getconfig [option ...]

       getconfig is a programatic interface that is used by the	Xorg server to
       get configuration information about video hardware when operating with-
       out an xorg.conf	file.

       This  implementation  of	 getconfig is written in perl.	It processes a
       prioritized and ordered list of	rules  supplied	 internally  and  from
       meta-configuration  files.   The	 rules are in the form of perl expres-
       sions.  getconfig writes	to standard output the xorg.conf-style config-
       uration data specified by the last highest priority rule	that evaluates
       to true.	 Information about the format of the meta-configuration	 files
       can be found in the getconfig(5)	manual page.

       -I search-path
	       Specify	the search path	to use for meta-config files.  search-
	       path is a comma-separated list of directories to	search.	  Each
	       directory  in the search	path is	searched for files with	a .cfg
	       suffix.	Each such file is opened and checked for a valid  sig-
	       nature  string.	 Rules are read	from files with	a valid	signa-
	       ture string and appended	to the list of rules to	evaluate.   If
	       no  search path is specified, only the internally supplied con-
	       figuration rules	will be	used.

       -D      Enable debugging	output.

       -V      Print out the version information and exit.

       -X      Xorg-version Specify the	 Xorg  version	in  numeric  (integer)

       -b subsys-id
	       Specify the PCI subsystem ID of the video device.

       -c class
	       Specify the PCI class of	the video device.

       -d device-id
	       Specify the PCI devide ID of the	video device.

       -r revision
	       Specify the PCI revision	of the video device.

       -s subsysvendor-id
	       Specify the PCI subsystem vendor	ID of the video	device.

       -v vendor-id
	       Specify the PCI vendor ID of the	video device.

       .cfg files located in the search	path.  The search path typically spec-
       ified by	the Xorg server	is:


       where _modulepath_ is the Xorg server's module search path.

       getconfig(5), Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5).

       The Xorg	automatic configuration	support	and  the  getconfig  interface
       was  written  by	 David H. Dawes, with the support of X-Oz Technologies
       for XFree86.

X.Org				 Version 6.7.0			  getconfig(1)


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