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GEANY(1)							      GEANY(1)

       Geany --	a small	and lightweight	IDE

       geany [option]  [+number]  [files ...]

       Geany  is  a small and fast editor with basic features of an integrated
       development environment.

       Some of its features: syntax highlighting, code completion, code	 fold-
       ing,  symbol/tag	 lists	and many supported filetypes like C(++), Java,
       PHP, HTML, DocBook, Perl	and more.


	   files ...
		 A space-separated list	of filenames.  Absolute	 and  relative
		 filenames  can	be used. Geany also recognises line and	column
		 information when appended to the filename with	 colons,  e.g.
		 "geany" will open	the file and place the
		 cursor	in line	10 at column 5.

		 Projects can also be opened but a project file	(*.geany) must
		 be  the  first	 non-option  argument.	All additionally given
		 files are ignored.

		 Set initial line number for the first opened  file  (same  as
		 --line,  do  not  put a space between the + sign and the num-
		 ber). E.g. "geany +7" will open the file  and
		 place the cursor in line 7.

		 Set  initial  column number for the first opened file (useful
		 in conjunction	with --line).

       -c, --config
		 Use an	alternate configuration	directory. Default  configura-
		 tion	directory   is	 ~/.config/geany/  and	there  resides
		 geany.conf and	some template files.

		 Print a list of Geany's internal filetype names (useful snip-
		 pets configuration).

       -g, --generate-tags
		 Generate a global tags	file (see documentation).

       -P, --no-preprocessing
		 Don't preprocess C/C++	files when generating tags.

       -i, --new-instance
		 Don't	open  files in a running instance, force opening a new
		 instance.  Only available if Geany was	compiled with  support
		 for Sockets.

       -l, --line
		 Set initial line number for the first opened file.

		 Return	 a list	of open	documents in a running Geany instance.
		 This can be used to read the currently	 opened	 documents  in
		 Geany	from  an external script or tool. The returned list is
		 separated by newlines (LF) and	consists of  the  full,	 UTF-8
		 encoded  filenames of the documents.  Only available if Geany
		 was compiled with support for Sockets.

       -m, --no-msgwin
		 Don't show the	message	window.	Use this option	if  you	 don't
		 need compiler messages	or VTE support.

       -n, --no-ctags
		 Don't	load symbol completion and call	tip data. Use this op-
		 tion, if you don't want to use	them.	For  more  information
		 please	see documentation.

       -p, --no-plugins
		 Don't load plugin support.

		 Print installation prefix, the	data directory,	the lib	direc-
		 tory and the locale directory (in this	order) to stdout, each
		 per  line.  This is mainly intended for plugin	authors	to de-
		 tect installation paths.

       -r, --read-only
		 Open all files	given on the command line in  read-only	 mode.
		 This only applies to files opened explicitly from the command
		 line, so files	from previous sessions or  project  files  are

       -s, --no-session
		 Don't load the	previous session's files.

       -t, --no-terminal
		 Don't	load  terminal	support. Use this option, if you don't
		 want to load the virtual terminal emulator widget at startup.
		 If  you  don't	have installed, then terminal-sup-
		 port is automatically disabled. Only available	if  Geany  was
		 compiled with support for VTE.

		 Use  this  socket  filename  for communication	with a running
		 Geany instance

		 Specify explicitly the	path including filename	 or  only  the
		 filename to the VTE library, e.g.  /usr/lib/ or lib- This option is	only needed,  when  the	 autodetection
		 doesn't  work.	Only available if Geany	was compiled with sup-
		 port for VTE.

       -v, --verbose
		 Be verbose (print useful status messages).

       -V, --version
		 Show version information and exit.

       -?, --help
		 Show help information and exit.

       Geany supports all generic GTK options, a list is available on the help

       This manual page	was written by the Geany developer team. Permission is
       granted to copy,	distribute and/or modify this document under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

       The  complete  text  of	the GNU	General	Public License can be found in

geany 1.36		      September	28, 2019		      GEANY(1)


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