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gdu(1)									gdu(1)

       gdu - Pretty fast disk usage analyzer written in	Go

       gdu [flags] [directory_to_scan]

       Pretty fast disk	usage analyzer written in Go.

       Gdu is intended primarily for SSD disks where it	can fully utilize par-
       allel processing.  However HDDs work as well, but the performance  gain
       is not so huge.

       -h, --help[=false] help for gdu

       -i, --ignore-dirs=[/proc,/dev,/sys,/run]	Absolute paths to ignore (sep-
       arated by comma)

       -I, --ignore-dirs-pattern Absolute path patterns	to  ignore  (separated
       by comma)

       -X, --ignore-from Read absolute path patterns to	ignore from file

       -l, --log-file="/dev/null" Path to a logfile

       -m, --max-cores Set max cores that GDU will use.

       -c, --no-color[=false] Do not use colorized output

       -x, --no-cross[=false] Do not cross filesystem boundaries

       -H, --no-hidden[=false] Ignore hidden directories (beginning with dot)

       -n, --non-interactive[=false] Do	not run	in interactive mode

       -p, --no-progress[=false] Do not	show progress in non-interactive mode

       -s, --summarize[=false] Show only a total in non-interactive mode

       -d, --show-disks[=false]	Show all mounted disks

       -a, --show-apparent-size[=false]	Show apparent size

       --si[=false]  Show  sizes with decimal SI prefixes (kB, MB, GB) instead
       of binary prefixes (KiB,	MiB, GiB)

       -f, ---input-file Import	analysis from JSON file.  If the file is  "-",
       read from standard input.

       -o,  ---output-file  Export all info into file as JSON.	If the file is
       "-", write to standard output.

       -g, --const-gc[=false] Enable memory garbage collection during analysis
       with constant level set by GOGC

       --enable-profiling[=false] Enable collection of profiling data and pro-
       vide it on http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/

       -v, --version[=false] Print version

       Files and directories may be prefixed by	a one-character	flag with fol-
       lowing meaning:

       !      An error occurred	while reading this directory.

       .      An  error	occurred while reading a subdirectory, size may	be not

       @      File is symlink or socket.

       H      Same file	was already counted (hard link).

       e      Directory	is empty.

				  2022-01-18				gdu(1)


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