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GAUCHE-INSTALL(1)		Gauche Commands		     GAUCHE-INSTALL(1)

       gauche-install -	install	files and set attributes

	 1)* gauche-install [OPTION...]	FILE DEST
	 2)* gauche-install [OPTION...]	FILE...	DIRECTORY
	 3)* gauche-install -d [OPTION...] DIRECTORY...
	 4)  gauche-install -T DIRECTORY [OPTION...] FILE...
	 5)  gauche-install -U DIRECTORY [OPTION...] FILE...

       gauche-install is a program to install and remove files.	 On
       installation it allows to set ownership and permissions.	 This command
       is upward compatible with BSD install(1)	and can	be used	as a drop-in
       replacement of it.   Notably, 1st, 2nd and 3rd command-line format
       above are compatible with BSD install.

       This command is provided	mainly for Gauche's extension packages to have
       simpler installation and	configuration process.	 Being certain that
       gauche-install is available, those packages don't need to worry about
       subtle differences between various install(1) commands.

       The first format	copies FILE on the file	or in the directory named by
       DEST.  The second format	copies FILE ...	 into the directory DIRECTORY.

       The third format	ensures	DIRECTORY exists.  If it doesn't, the command
       creates the path	to the DIRECTORY , including any intermediate ones.

       The fourth format installing FILE ...  to the DIRECTORY.	 It is more
       convenient than the first and second formats in the following regards:

	  * If the destination directory does not exist, it is created (with
	  any intermediate paths as needed).

	  * The	list of	files can be empty, so that when the list of installed
	  files	can be generated by configuration, you don't need to handle
	  the empty case specially in Makefile.	 (With BSD install format,
	  empty	file list yields an error.)

	  * The	directory prefix of files are preserved	within the destination
	  directory.  This is handy to install subtree of files.  For example,
	  the following	command	installs '/usr/share/foo/main',
	  '/usr/share/foo/conf/x' and '/usr/share/foo/conf/y' with a single

	    gauche-install -T /usr/share/foo main conf/x conf/y

	  Giving -p option suppresses this behavior and	strips any directory
	  prefix like the second format.  The following	command	line installs
	  '/usr/share/foo/main', '/usr/share/foo/x' and	'/usr/share/foo/y'.

	    gauche-install -T /usr/share/foo -p	main conf/x conf/y

       The fifth format	removes	FILE ...  in the DIRECTORY.  Irrelevant
       options are ignored, so it is handy to uninstall	files just by chaning
       -T in the fourth	format to -U.

       -C, --canonical-suffix
	   This	is used	specially to install Gauche's autogenerated Scheme
	   source by experimental precompilation.  The generated file has a
	   *.sci.  Upon	installation, this command replaces the	suffix for

       -d, --directory
	   Creates directories.	(3rd format only).  It is only for the
	   compatibility.  Using the -T	option,	the destination	directories
	   are created automatically if	missing.

       -g, --group=GROUP
	   Change group	of the installed file.

       -h, --help
	   Show	summary	of options.

       -m, --mode=MODE
	   Change mode of the installed	file.

       -n, --dry-run
	   Just	prints what actions to be done.

       -o, --owner=OWNER
	   Change owner	of the installed file.

       -p, --strip-prefix=PREFIX
	   Strip PREFIX	directories from FILE(s) before	installation. (4th/5th
	   format only).

	   Adds	#!PATH before the file contents. Useful	to install scripts.

       -S, --srcdir=directory
	   Look	for files within directory; useful if VPATH is used in

       -T, --target=directory
	   Installs files to the directory, creating paths if needed.  Partial
	   path	of files are preserved unless -p option	is given.  (4th	format

       -U, --uninstall=directory
	   Reverse of -T, e.g. removes files from its destination.  Other
	   options (except -h and -n) are ignored.

       -v, --verbose
	   Work	verbosely.

       gauche-install exits with status	0 on success.

       gauche-package(1), install(1)

       The program will	be documented fully by the Gauche Developers'
       Reference available via the info(1) system.

       Shiro Kawai <>

       Jens Thiele <>
	   Wrote this manpage for the Debian system.

       Copyright (C) 2010 Jens Thiele

       Copying and distribution	of this	file, with or without modification,
       are permitted in	any medium without royalty provided the	copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is,
       without any warranty.

Gauche 0.9.9						     GAUCHE-INSTALL(1)


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