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       gammu-smsbackup - gammu(1) SMS backup file format.

       The SMS backup format is	text file encoded in current encoding of plat-
       form where Gammu	is running.

       This file use ini file syntax, see ini.

       The file	consists of sections, whose name starts	with  SMSBackup.  When
       creating	the backup file, three digits are appended to this text	defin-
       ing order. While	reading	the backup, any	part after SMSBackup  text  is
       ignored	and everything which begins with this is processed. So you can
       as well give the	section	name SMSBackupFoo and it will be processed.

       The  number  of	messages  in  backup  file  is	currently  limited  by
       GSM_BACKUP_MAX_SMS (100000 at time of writing this document).

   SMSBackup section
       Each  section interprets	one physical SMS message (eg. one message part
       in case of multipart messages).

   Decoded text
       For SMS backups created by Gammu, there is a decoded text as a  comment
       just after the section name:

	  ; This is message text

       The  text  can  be split	to more	lines if it is too long	or of original
       message included	new lines.

	  This is easiest way to get message text, however also	the least  re-
	  liable one, because it is stored in the comments in the file.

       The following variables can be defined for each SMS:

       SMSC   Text  representation of SMSC number, not used by Gammu if	SMSCU-
	      nicode exists.

	      Hex encoded UCS-2	string with SMSC number.

       Class  Message class.

       Sent   Timestamp, when message has been sent.

       PDU    Message type, one	of:

	      o	Deliver	- received message

	      o	Submit - message to send

	      o	Status_Report -	message	to send	with delivery report

	      Timestamp	of message (sent or received).

	      Whether receiver should reject duplicates.

	      ID of message to replace.

	      Message reference	number as generated by network.

       State  State of the message:

	      o	Read

	      o	UnRead

	      o	Sent

	      o	UnSent

       Number Recipient	number.

       Name   Name of the message.

       Length Length of	message	text.

       Coding Coding of	the message:

	      o	8bit - binary message

	      o	Default	- GSM encoding,	up to 160 chars	in message

	      o	Unicode	- Unicode encoding, up to 70 chars in message

       Text00 ... TextNN
	      Numbered parts of	the message payload.

       Folder ID of folder where the message was saved.

       UDH    User defined header of the message.

       The backup of message can look like following:

	  SMSC = "+4540590000"
	  SMSCUnicode =	002B0034003500340030003500390030003000300030
	  Sent = 20021201T025023
	  State	= UnRead
	  Number = "+4522706947"
	  NumberUnicode	= 002B0034003500320032003700300036003900340037
	  Name = ""
	  NameUnicode =
	  Text00 = 004100420043004400450046004700480049004A004B004C004D004E004F0050005100520053005400550056005700580059005A000A
	  Coding = Default
	  Folder = 1
	  Length = 27
	  Class	= -1
	  ReplySMSC = False
	  RejectDuplicates = True
	  ReplaceMessage = 0
	  MessageReference = 0

       Michal AihaA <>

       2009-2015, Michal AihaA <>

1.41.0				 Sep 27, 2019		    GAMMU-SMSBACKUP(5)


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