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Mono(gacutil)							 Mono(gacutil)

       gacutil - Global	Assembly Cache management utility.

       gacutil [-user] [command] [options]

       gacutil	is  a  tool used by developers to install versioned assemblies
       into the	system Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to become part of  the  as-
       semblies	that are available for all applications	at runtime.

       Notice  that  they are not directly available to	the compiler. The con-
       vention is that assemblies must also be placed in a separate  directory
       to  be accessed by the compiler.	 This is done with the -package	direc-
       tive to gacutil.

       The tool	allows for installation, removal, and listing of the  contents
       of the assembly cache.

       The  GAC	 is  relative  to  the	Mono  installation  prefix:  mono_pre-

       -i  _assembly_path_  [-check_refs]  [-package  NAME]  [-root   ROOTDIR]
       [-gacdir	GACDIR]

	Installs  an  assembly into the	global assembly	cache. <assembly_path>
       is the name of the file that contains the assembly manifest

       The -package option can be used to also create a	directory in  in  pre-
       fix/lib/mono with the name NAME,	and a symlink is created from NAME/as-
       sembly_name to the assembly on the GAC.	This is	used so	developers can
       reference a set of libraries at once.

       The  -root option is used to specify the	"libdir" value of an installa-
       tion prefix which differs from the prefix of the	system	GAC.   Typical
       automake	 usage	is  "-root $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib".  To access	assem-
       blies installed to a prefix other than the mono prefix, it is necessary
       to set the MONO_GAC_PREFIX environment variable.

       The  -gacdir  option  is	included for backward compatibility but	is not
       recommended for new code. Use the -root option instead.

       The -check_refs option is used to ensure	that the  assembly  being  in-
       stalled	into  the  GAC	does not reference any non strong named	assem-
       blies. Assemblies being installed to the	GAC should not	reference  non
       strong named assemblies,	however	the is an optional check.

       -l [assembly_name] [-root ROOTDIR] [-gacdir GACDIR]

       Lists  the  contents  of	 the  global  assembly cache. When the <assem-
       bly_name> parameter is specified	only matching assemblies are listed.

       -u _assembly_display_name_ [-package  NAME]  [-root  ROOTDIR]  [-gacdir

       Uninstalls  an assembly from the	global assembly	cache.	<assembly_dis-
       play_name> is the name of the assembly (partial or fully	qualified)  to
       remove  from  the global	assembly cache.	If a partial name is specified
       all matching assemblies will be uninstalled. As opposed to the  install
       option  that  takes  a filename,	this takes as an argument the assembly
       name, which looks like this:
	    MyLibrary.Something, version=, publicKeyToken=xxxx,culture=neutral

       Notice that you can have	spaces in the command line. There is  no  need
       to quote	them.

       Performs	 a  greedy  removal.  If  you only specify one component like,
       "MyLibrary.Something", it will remove all versions of the library.

       -us _assembly_path_ [-package NAME] [-root  ROOTDIR]  [-gacdir  GACDIR]
       Uninstalls  an assembly using the specified assembly's full name.  <as-
       sembly path> is the path	to an assembly.	The full assembly name is  re-
       trieved	from the specified assembly if there is	an assembly in the GAC
       with a matching name, it	is removed. Unlike the -u option  this	option
       takes a file name, like this:
	       Example:	-us myDll.dll

       -ul  _assembly_list_file_  [-package  NAME]  [-root  ROOTDIR]  [-gacdir
       GACDIR] Uninstalls one or more  assemblies  from	 the  global  assembly
       cache.	<assembly_list_file>  is  the path to a	test file containing a
       list of assembly	names on separate lines.
       Example -ul assembly_list.txt
       assembly_list.txt contents:

       On Unix assemblies are loaded from the installation lib directory.   If
       you  set	 `prefix' to /usr, the assemblies will be located in /usr/lib.
       On Windows, the assemblies are loaded from the directory	where mono and
       mint live.

       /etc/mono/config, ~/.mono/config

       Mono  runtime  configuration  file.  See	the mono-config(5) manual page
       for more	information.

       Visit: for details




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