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fxterm(1)			    hxtools			     fxterm(1)

       fxterm -- start xterm with VGA color palette

       fxterm [options]

       A shortcut for the author's favorite xterm parameters:

       o   VGA console color selection (but full saturated)

       o   80x25 screen

       o   visual bell

       o   scrollbar invisible

       o   optional font

       All options are passed through to xterm.	See xterm(1) for details.  Us-
       ing -f name, an X bitmap	font is	chosen;	 with  -fa  name,  a  fontcon-
       fig/freetype descriptor.

See also
       hxtools(7), xterm(1)

hxtools				  2008-02-06			     fxterm(1)

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