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fvwm-root(1)			 Fvwm Modules			  fvwm-root(1)

       fvwm-root - Sets	the root window	of the current X display to image

       fvwm-root [--retain-pixmap|-r] [--no-retain-pixmap] [--dummy|-d]	[--no-
       dummy] [--dither] [--no-dither] [--color-limit [ncolors]	] [--no-color-
       limit] [--help|-h|-?]  [--version|-V] image_file

       fvwm-root  reads	 the image file	specified in the command line and dis-
       plays it	in the root window.  The supported image formats are XBM, XPM,
       PNG and SVG if appropriated libraries are compiled in.

       SVG  rendering  options	(as described in the  ICONS AND	IMAGES section
       of the main fvwm	documentation) can be utilized.

       These command line options are recognized by fvwm-root:

       --retain-pixmap | -r
	      Causes fvwm-root to retain and publish the Pixmap	with which the
	      background  has been set (the ESETROOT_PMAP_ID and _XROOTPMAP_ID
	      properties are used).  This is  useful  for  applications	 which
	      want to use the root Pixmap on the background to simulate	trans-
	      parency (for example, Eterm and Aterm use	this method). This op-
	      tion  should  also  be used for the RootTransparent colorset op-
	      tion, refer to the COLORSETS section of fvwm(1).	If this	option
	      is  not  used, fvwm-root sets the	_XSETROOT_ID property to None,
	      and some programs, like fvwm modules, may	 use  this  to	update
	      their  background	 if the	background is transparent (Transparent

	      Note, a well behaved program, like fvwm, should listen  to  both
	      _XSETROOT_ID  and	 _XROOTPMAP_ID property	changes	and update it-
	      self correspondingly.  However some programs listen only to  one
	      of  them,	 so you	should either use this option or not depending
	      on what part is implemented by these programs.  You should  also
	      use this option to get fast root-transparent menus in fvwm.

	      This is a	default. May be	useful to explicitly force the default
	      even if "--retain-pixmap"	is specified earlier.

       --dummy | -d
	      Causes fvwm-root NOT to set the background, but to only  free  a
	      memory  associated  with the ESETROOT_PMAP_ID property (if any).
	      In any case the _XSETROOT_ID property is set to None.

	      This is a	default. May be	useful to explicitly force the default
	      even if "--dummy"	is specified earlier.

	      Causes  fvwm-root	 to  dither images for "smoother" rendition on
	      displays with color depth	of 16 or lower.	This the default  with
	      color depth  less	or equal to 8.

	      Causes  fvwm-root	NOT to dither images. This is the default with
	      color depth greater than 8.

       --color-limit ncolors
	      Causes fvwm-root to limit	its color use to  ncolors  (if	speci-
	      fied).  This  option  is	taken in account only with color depth
	      less or equal to 8 (and a	TrueColor or  GrayScale	 visual).  The
	      default  is  to  use  the	same color limit as fvwm. So in	normal
	      situation	this option is not useful. However, if fvwm use	a pri-
	      vate  colors map,	as fvwm-root always use	the default colors map
	      you should use this option for  limiting	colors	correctly.  If
	      ncolors is not specified a default is used.

	      Causes fvwm-root NOT to limit its	color use.

       --help Shows a short usage.

	      Shows a version number.

       In  the	past this utility was called xpmroot.  This name is still sup-
       ported as a symlink.

       Repeated	use of fvwm-root with different	xpm pixmaps will use up	 slots
       in your color table pretty darn fast.

       Rob Nation

       Rewritten and enhanced by fvwm-workers.

3rd Berkeley Distribution  05 September	2019 (2.6.9)		  fvwm-root(1)


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