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fvwm-convert-2.6(1)		 Fvwm Modules		   fvwm-convert-2.6(1)

       fvwm-convert-2.6	 -  convert  fvwm 2.4.x	configuration file to fvwm 2.6

       fvwm-convert-2.6	[--follow-read|-f] [--help|-h] source [dest]

       The following options are supported:

       --help |	-h
	      Prints a usage message to	the screen.

       --follow-read | -f
	      Follows files found along	with the Read command.

       fvwm-convert-2.6	converts an fvwm 2.4.x configuration file into a  fvwm
       2.6  file  with compatible syntax.  It is not suitable to convert older
       2.x configuration files.	 Please	use fvwm-convert-2.2 to	convert	 these
       to the 2.2.x format first, and then if necessary	fvwm-convert-2.4

       By  default, fvwm-convert-2.6 won't look	for a given config file.  This
       must be specified as the	first parameter	to fvwm-convert-2.6.   Differ-
       ent source and destination files	may be given.  If the destination file
       already exists, this program exits.  If no destination file  is	given,
       then  the  filename is the same name as the source file with the	suffix
       ".converted" added.  Without an absolute	path given as the  destination
       path  to	 the destination file, the program will	create the destination
       file in the CWD.

       fvwm-convert-2.6	makes the following changes:

       Style lines
	   In fvwm 2.4,	most style options could be negated from  their	 coun-
	   terparts using NoFoo	-- fvwm-convert-2.6 corrects this by now using

	   In fvwm 2.4 and beyond,  the	 ModulePath  is	 compiled  into	 fvwm.
	   fvwm-convert-2.6 comments out any ModulePath	commands it finds.  If
	   you are using your own modules, (not	the ones that come with	fvwm),
	   you	will have to fix your configuration file after using fvwm-con-

       Conditional command syntax
	   In fvwm 2.4,	the conditional	command	options	were  whitespace-sepa-
	   rated  -- they should now be	comma-separated	instead.  In addition,
	   the older syntax to Next and	Prev of	using [*] to denote  all  win-
	   dows	 has been removed entirely.  Both these	checks and conversions
	   are done on function	commands, key/mouse bindings.

	   In fvwm 2.4,	the WindowShadeSteps command is	replaced by  the  Win-
	   dowShadeSteps Style option.	fvwm-convert-2.6 makes this change.

	   In  fvwm  2.6, the FvwmTheme	module is replaced by a	series of Col-
	   orset commands.  Whilst fvwm-convert-2.6 will  try  and  make  this
	   change,  it is still	recommended that this is checked after conver-

	   In fvwm 2.6,	the EdgeResistance command is has been	split  to  in-
	   clude an additional style option for	EdgeMoveResistance.  fvwm-con-
	   vert-2.6 makes any changes necessary.

       StartFunction / RestartFunction / InitFunction
	   In fvwm 2.6,	the need for using InitFunction	and/or RestartFunction
	   is  redundant  when	StartFunction  is read at both of these	times.
	   fvwm-convert-2.6 attempts to	convert	this.

	   If -f or --follow-read is given, any	files fvwm-convert-2.6 can de-
	   tect	and open will be converted automatically, else a list of files
	   that	can be followed	are printed to the screen.


	      InitFunction and RestartFunction	and  hence  StartFunction  are
	      printed  at the end of the files -- this slight reordering might
	      put some comments	before in an odd spot.

	      When converting over FvwmTheme lines, the	 colorset  definitions
	      might well be broken, but	these cannot easily be converted.

	      Bug  reports  can	 be sent to the	fvwm-workers mailing list (see
	      the FAQ).

       Thomas Adam <>

Fvwm			   05 September	2019 (2.6.9)	   fvwm-convert-2.6(1)


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