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FUNIONFS(8)							   FUNIONFS(8)

       funionfs	- user-space directory concatenation.

       funionfs	upper_dir mountpoint [ option ]	...

	   -o opt,[opt...]	  mount	options
	   -h	--help		  print	help
	   -V	--version	  print	version

       Mount options include:
	  funionfs_debug      print some debugging information
	  dirs=LIST	      A	colon separated	list of	directories
	     /branch1=rw      a	directory in a read-write mode
	     /branch1	      if no permission is specified, the branch
			      is in a read-write mode
	     /branch2=ro      a	directory in a read-only mode
	  copyupuid=N	      uid of the copied-up files (no default)
	  copyupgid=N	      gid of the copied-up files (no default)
	  copyupmode=N	      mode of the copied-up files (no default)
	  del_string=N	      string to	mark a deleted file(default: _DELETED~
	  delete=TYPE	      specifies	how funionfs deletes and renames
	     all (default)    delete all objects  in  read-write  branch  (de-
			      and add a	whiteout file if objects exists	in
			      read-only	branches.
	     whiteout	      only add a whiteout file in upper	(rw) branch
			      or delete	file in	upper branch.
	  copyup=TYPE	      specifies	how to manage attributes
	     preserve	      preserve uid, gid	and mode of object (default)
	     currentuser      the object owns to the user doing	the operation
	     mounter	      the object owns to the mounter

       There is	no implementation of -o	delete and -o copyup for now.

       You could use the mount command instead :
	  mount	-t fuse	funionfs#/upper_dir mountpoint [ options ]

       If  you want to name all	directories in '-o dirs=', then	pass "none" as

       funionfs	concatenates directories mentioned in options (and upper_dir )
       to  mountpoint.	 Also,	although some (but not all) of the directories
       are read-only, you still	can write in resulting mounted directory.  For
       example,	 if you	have files a/a and b/b and mount mountpoint r with "-o
       dirs=a=ro:b=ro:w=rw", then you will see files r/a and r/b.  You will be
       able  to	 write to them,	and original files will	remain intact (changes
       will go to w ). Note that it is impossible to have file with name  end-
       ing  by del_string value, if you	create r/a_DELETED~ in mentioned exam-
       ple, it will dissapear together with a.

       The source..

       You cannot mount	an overlay on /	(the program that list the content  of
       /  will	hang). This is probably	due to a loop call of the fuse driver.
       There is	no known solution for now.

       Probably	minor (or major) mistakes in not-so-frequent cases.

       Not enough tested.

				 15 June 2006			   FUNIONFS(8)


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