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functions(1)			     fish			  functions(1)

       functions -- print or erase functions

       functions [ -a |	--all ]	[ -n | --names ]
       functions -c OLDNAME NEWNAME
       functions -d DESCRIPTION	FUNCTION
       functions [ -e |	-q ] FUNCTIONS...

       functions prints	or erases functions.

       The following options are available:

       o -a or --all lists all functions, even those whose name	start with an

       o -c OLDNAME NEWNAME or --copy OLDNAME NEWNAME creates a	new function
	 named NEWNAME,	using the definition of	the OLDNAME function.

       o -d DESCRIPTION	or --description=DESCRIPTION changes the description
	 of this function.

       o -e or --erase causes the specified functions to be erased.

       o -n or --names lists the names of all defined functions.

       o -q or --query tests if	the specified functions	exist.

       The default behavior of functions, when called with no arguments, is to
       print the names of all defined functions. Unless	the -a option is
       given, no functions starting with underscores are not included in the

       If any non-option parameters are	given, the definition of the specified
       functions are printed.

       Automatically loaded functions cannot be	removed	using functions	-e.
       Either remove the definition file or change the $fish_function_path
       variable	to remove autoloaded functions.

       Copying a function using	-c copies only the body	of the function, and
       does not	attach any event notifications from the	original function.

       Only one	function's description can be changed in a single invocation
       of functions -d.

       The exit	status of functions is the number of functions specified in
       the argument list that do not exist, which can be used in concert with
       the -q option.

       functions -n
	 Displays a list of currently-defined functions

       functions -c foo	bar
	 Copies	the 'foo' function to a	new function called 'bar'

       functions -e bar
	 Erases	the function bar

Version	2.5.0			Fri Feb	3 2017			  functions(1)


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