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ftpshut(8)		    System Manager's Manual		    ftpshut(8)

       ftpshut - shut down all proftpd servers at a given time

       ftpshut [ -R ] [	-l min ] [ -d min ] time [ warning-message ]

       The ftpshut command provides an automated shutdown procedure that a su-
       peruser can use to automagically	 disconnect  current  proftpd  connec-
       tions, and deny new connections.	 The command creates a control file as
       /etc/shutmsg to inform proftpd processes	about an impending shutdown.

       time	 The time at which the ftp servers will	be brought  down.   It
		 may be	the word `now',	indicating an immediate	shutdown, or a
		 future	time in	one of two  formats:  +number  or  HHMM.   The
		 first	form  brings the servers down in number	minutes, while
		 the second form indicates an  exact  time  of	day,  using  a
		 24-hour clock format.

       -R	 Instructs  ftpshut to remove the /etc/shutmsg file, restoring
		 proftpd to its	normal service.	 If this option	is used,  this
		 will be the only operation performed by ftpshut

       -l min	 Specifies  the	number of minutes before shutdown that new ftp
		 access	will be	disabled.  If the -l option is not  specified,
		 a default of 10 minutes (or immediately, if less than 10 min-
		 utes remains until shutdown) is used.

       -d min	 Specifies the number of minutes before	shutdown that existing
		 ftp  connections  will	 be disconnected.  If the -d option is
		 not specified,	a default of 5	minutes	 (or  immediately,  if
		 less than 5 minutes remains until shutdown) is	used.

		 Optionally  provide  a	message	which will be sent to new con-
		 nections (if denied) and existing connections	(when  discon-
		 nected).   The	 message can contain the following magic cook-
		 ies, which will be replaced as	follows	before being  sent  to
		 new or	existing connections:

		 %s  time proftpd is being shut	down
		 %r  time new connections will be denied
		 %d  time current connections will be dropped
		 %C  current working directory (where applicable)
		 %L  local host	name (or virtualhost name)
		 %R  remote host name
		 %T  local time	(format	Thu Nov	15 17:12:42 1990)
		 %U  username given at login time

       Proftpd	servers	can only be shutdown via ftpshut if a master daemon is
       running in standalone mode.  Servers running in inetd mode  will	 honor
       the shutdown message file created by ftpshut, however currently running
       servers may be chroot(2)ed, and unable to  read	the  shutdown  message
       control file.

       It  is  possible	to set an absolute shutdown time which is earlier than
       the current time.  If this is the case, proftpd will not	shutdown until
       the indicated time on the following day.


       ProFTPD	is  written and	maintained by a	number of people, full credits
       can be found on


       Full documentation on ProFTPD, including	 configuration	and  FAQs,  is
       available at

       For   help/support,   try   the	ProFTPD	 mailing  lists,  detailed  on

       Report bugs at

				  March	2003			    ftpshut(8)


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