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FTIMES-BIMVL(1)		     FTimes Documentation	       FTIMES-BIMVL(1)

       ftimes-bimvl - Take a snapshot, compare it to a baseline, and log the

       ftimes-bimvl [-S] [-d work-dir] [-f config-file]	[-H ftimes-home] [-i
       ignore-file] [-m	mask] [-p priority] [-s	server[:port]] [-t tag]
       include [include	...]

       ftimes-bimvl [-S] [-d work-dir] [-H ftimes-home]	[-i ignore-file] [-m
       mask] [-p priority] [-s server[:port]] [-t tag] -f config-file [include

       This utility creates an FTimes snapshot of a specified set of files
       and/or directories, compares that snapshot to a previously captured
       baseline, and sends log messages	to a specified syslog server for each
       object that is changed, missing,	or new.	 If no baseline	exists,	one
       will be created,	and no comparisons will	be made	until the next
       invocation of the utility.

       -d work-dir
	   Specifies a work directory that will	be used	to store the baseline,
	   snapshot, and compare files during runs.  If	this directory does
	   not exist, it will be created during	runtime.  The default location
	   is 'C:\FTimes\out' and '/usr/local/ftimes/out' for WINX and UNIX
	   platforms, respectively.

       -f config-file
	   Specifies a config file that	contains any of	the various ftimes(1)
	   controls (one per line) that	are valid for map mode.	 Note that
	   this	option is required when	no includes are	specified on the
	   command line, and in	that case, the desired includes	must be
	   specified within the	associated config file.

       -H ftimes-home
	   Specifies the location of FTimes components on the client system.
	   The default value is	'C:\FTimes' and	'/usr/local/ftimes' for	WINX
	   and UNIX platforms, respectively.

       -i ignore-file
	   Specifies a file containing zero or more patterns, one per line,
	   that	are to be applied to the compare output. All matched records
	   will	be discarded, and no syslog message will be generated.

       -m mask
	   FTimes fieldmask to use.

       -p priority
	   Specifies the syslog	facility and level to use for syslog messages.
	   The format is facility.level.  Valid	values can be found in the
	   logger(1) man page.

       -S  Specifies that the log messages should use the Perl module
	   Sys::Syslog for sending messages. The benefit of using this option
	   is that messages can	use the	settings in /etc/syslog.conf.

       -s server[:port]
	   Specifies the hostname (or IP address) and port of syslog server.
	   The default value is

       -t tag
	   Specifies the string	that will be tagged to every syslog message.
	   The default tag is the name of this utility.

       Klayton Monroe and Jason	Smith


       All documentation and code are distributed under	same terms and
       conditions as FTimes.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-10		       FTIMES-BIMVL(1)


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