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FSM101(1)		     ALLIANCE FSM LIBRARY		     FSM101(1)

       fsm - Finite State Machine representation.

       fsm is a	library	that enables to	represent finite state machine.

       Types :

       fsmin_list	   - inputs of a FSM.

       fsmout_list	   - outputs of	a FSM.

       fsmport_list	   - ports of a	FSM.

       fsmlocout_list	   - state output assign.

       fsmtrans_list	   - transition	of a FSM.

       fsmstate_list	   - state of a	FSM.

       fsmstack_list	   - stack of a	FSM.

       fsmfig_list	   - FSM figure.

       Functions :

       libFsm101.a :

ASIM/LIP6			October	1, 1997			     FSM101(1)


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