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FSCK(8)                 OpenBSD System Manager's Manual                FSCK(8)

     fsck - filesystem consistency check and interactive repair

     fsck [-dvpfny] [-l maxparallel] [-t fstype] [-T fstype:fsoptions] special
          | node ...

     The fsck command invokes filesystem-specific programs to check the spe-
     cial devices listed in the fstab(5) file or on the command line for con-
     sistency.  The options are as follows:

     -d      Debugging mode.  Just print the commands without executing them.
             Available only if fsck is compiled to support it.

     -f      Force checking of filesystems, even when they are marked clean
             (for filesystems that support this).

     -l maxparallel
             Limit the number of parallel checks to maxparallel.  By default,
             the limit is the number of disks, running one process per disk.
             If a smaller limit is given, the disks are checked round-robin,
             one filesystem at a time.

     -n      Cause fsck to assume ``no'' as the answer to all operator ques-
             tions, except ``CONTINUE?''.  This is assumed to be the default
             when dealing with filesystems currently mounted writeable.

     -p      Enter preen mode.

     -t fstype
             Invoke fsck only in the comma separated list of filesystem types.
             If the list starts with ``no'', invoke fsck only in the filesys-
             tem types that are not specified in the list.

     -v      Print the commands before executing them.

     -y      Cause fsck to assume ``yes'' as the answer to all operator ques-

     -T fstype:fsoptions
             List of comma separated filesystem specific options for the spec-
             ified filesystem type, in the same format as mount(8).

     /etc/fstab  filesystem table

     fstab(5), fsck_ext2fs(8), fsck_ffs(8), fsck_msdos(8), fsdb(8), mount(8)

OpenBSD 3.4                   September 23, 1996                             1


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