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FSBACKUP(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   FSBACKUP(1)

       fsbackup	- file system backup and synchronization utility.

SYNOPSIS [options] <configuration	file>

       "" is	a incremental backup creation utility.	""
       support backup compression and encryption. Backup can be	stored on
       local file system and on	remote host stored over	SSH or FTP. Some
       addition	scripts	allow backups SQL tables from PostgreSQL and MySQL
       ("" and "")), save	system configuration
       files and list of installed packages ("").  Backuped	with
       "" files can be recovered by script "", backuped
       with "" system packeges can be reinstalled by

       The following command-line options can be used with "":

	   Create new backup without checking files in previously stored hash.

	   Create full backup, like as "-n" option.

	   Only	rebuild	hash, no storing files in backup archive.

	   Clean incremental backup storage and	create new full	backup without
	   checking $cfg_increment_level config	parameter.

	   Backup planner running from "crontab". For example:

	   18 4	* * * /usr/local/fsbackup/

	   Script to install fsbackup package and some required	perl modules.

	   File	system backup utility.

	   Example of configuration file.

	   Script for backup SQL tables	from PostreSQL and MySQL.

	   Script for store system configuration files and information about
	   installed packages.

	   Script for restore files backuped by	"".

	   Script for reinstall	packages stored	by "".

       $cfg_backup_name	= 'test_host'
	   Name	of backup, single word.

       $cfg_cache_dir =	'/usr/local/fsbackup/cache'
	   Path	of internal cache directory for	local backup method.

       $prog_md5sum = 'md5sum -b'
       $prog_tar = 'tar'
       $prog_ssh = 'ssh'
       $prog_rm	= 'rm'
       $prog_gzip = 'gzip'
       $prog_pgp = 'gpg'
	   Full	path of	some external program running from "".
	   $prog_gzip =	'' - not use compression, $prog_pgp = '' - not use

       $cfg_checksum = 'timesize'
	   File	checksum method:

	   timesize - checksum of file attributes (default, best speed)

	   md5	    - checksum of file attributes + MD5	checksum of file

       $cfg_backup_style = 'backup'
	   Backup style:

	   backup - incremental	backup (copy only new and changed files).

	   full_backup - full backup (copy all files).

	   sync	- file tree synchronization.

	   hash	- hash creation	without	storing	archive	(spying	for new	or
	   changed files).

       $cfg_increment_level = 7
	   Incremental level (after how	many incremental copy make full
	   refresh of backup)

       $cfg_type = 'remote_ssh'
	   Type	of backup storage:

	       local  -	store backup on	local file system.
	       remote_ssh - store backup on remote host	over SSH connection.
	       remote_ftp - store backup on remote FTP server.

       $cfg_remote_host	= ''
       $cfg_remote_login = 'backup_login'
       $cfg_remote_path	= '/home/backup_login/backup'
	   Connection parameters for remote_ssh	storage	type.

       $cfg_remote_password = 'Test1234'
	   Password of remote login for	remote_ftp storage type.

       $cfg_remote_ftp_mode = 0
	   FTP transfer	mode.  0 - Active mode,	1 - Passive mode.

       $cfg_local_path = '/var/backup/'
	   Path	of directory to	store backup on	local file system for local
	   storage type.

       $cfg_time_limit = 0
	   Limit of file creation time in days.	If not 0, don't	backup files
	   created or modified later then $cfg_time_limit (days).

       $cfg_size_limit = 0
	   Limit of maximum file size. If not 0, don't backup files witch size
	   more	then $cfg_time_limit kilobytes.

       $cfg_root_path =	'/'
	   Root	path for initial chdir.

       $cfg_pgp_userid = ''
	   Name	of user	in public key ring with	public key will	be used	for
	   PGP encryption.  Not	use encryption if not set.

       $cfg_verbose = 3
	   Verbose level.

	       0   - Silent mode, suspend all output, except fatal configuration errors.
	       1   - Output errors and warnings.
	       2   - Output all	the  available	data.

       $cfg_save_old_backup = 1
	   Save	previous backup	to OLD directory before	rotation or before
	   storing full	backup.

	       0 - don't save old backup
	       1 - save	old backup.

       $cfg_maximum_archive_size = 0
	   Size	of maximum size	(in KiloBytes) of single unpacked archive file
	   (0 -	unlimited file size).

       $cfg_stopdir_prune = 0
	   Recursive review of the prohibited directories.
	       0 - Recursively to view all contents of directories marked for
	   backup, including contents of directories prohibited	by '!',	'!d'
	   and '=! rules.
	       1 - not use a recursive entrance	to directory prohibited	for
	   backup (speed is increased, reduces flexibility of customization).

       __DATA__	- list of backuped path	and regexp mask.
	       /dir[/file] - backup file or directory.
	       !/dir[/file] - NOT include this file or directory to backup.
	       # - ignore this line.


	       =~ - regexp mask	for include file or directory to backup.
	       f~ - regexp file	mask for include file to backup.
	       d~ - regexp directory mask for include directory	to backup.
	       =! - regexp mask	for NOT	include	file or	directory to backup.
	       f! - regexp file	mask for NOT include file to backup.
	       d! - regexp directory mask for NOT include directory to backup.

	   Operation priority:

	       1. =!
	       2. f!
	       3. f~
	       4. d!
	       5. =~
	       6. d~
	       7. !path
	       8. path

       Copyright (c) 2001 by Maxim Chirkov <>

       Look TODO file.

       Maxim Chirkov <>

perl v5.32.1			  2021-03-01			   FSBACKUP(1)


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