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FREEDROIDRPG(6)		    User's Reference Manual	       FREEDROIDRPG(6)

     freedroidRPG -- a futuristic immersive RPG	about fighting bots

     freedroidRPG [-h |	--help]	[-v | --version] [-e | --editor]
		  [-s |	--sound	| -q | --nosound]
		  [-n |	--no_open_gl | -o | --open_gl]
		  [-f |	--fullscreen | -w | --window] [-t | --system_lang]
		  [-l |	--load]	[-r | --resolution] [-d	| --debug]

     FreedroidRPG tells	the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between
     robots and	their human masters.  Play as Tux in a quest to	save the world
     from the murderous	rebel bots who know no mercy.  You get to choose which
     path you wish to follow, and freedom of choice is everywhere in the game.

     FreedroidRPG features a real time combat system with melee	and ranged
     weapons, fairly similar to	the proprietary	game Diablo.  There is an in-
     novative system of	programs that can be run in order to take control of
     enemy robots, alter their behavior, or improve one's characteristics.
     You can use over 150 different kinds of items and fight countless enemies
     on	your way to your destiny.  An advanced dialog system provides story
     background	and immersive role playing situations.

     Please see	the README or the tutorial in the game for more	details.

     Periodically we release updated versions of FreedroidRPG with expanded
     plot, requested features, and other improvements. Please check the
     FreedroidRPG Homepage: for the most updated ver-
     sions of the game.

     -h	| --help
	     List command-line options.

     -v	| --version
	     Prints out	FreedroidRPG version information.

     -q	| --nosound
	     Suppress sound output.

     -f	| --fullscreen
	     Work in full screen mode. Note that fullscreen or window mode can
	     also be toggled from within the game via the options menu.

     -w	| --window
	     Start FreedroidRPG	in a window rather than	using full screen

     -n	| --no_open_gl
	     Use SDL rendering rather than OpenGL.

     -r	Y | --resolution= Y
	     Selects a resolution to start the game in.	-r 99 lists common
	     resolutions. Resolutions can also be set in-game. You can also
	     specify a resolution via -r800x600.

     -e	| --editor
	     Skips the main menu and opens up the level	editor.

     -l	character-name | --load	character-name
	     Skip the main menu	and load the saved game. The parameter charac-
	     ter-name should be	saved game name.

     -t	| --system_lang
	     Starts the	game in	systems	default	language.

     -d	X | --debug X
	     Shows mostly useless debug	output.	Debug level (X)	maybe 0-5, de-
	     fault is 1.

     $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/fdrpg.cfg The	file containing	all configuration set-
     tings of this user.

     $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.sav.gz Saved games for the characters.

     $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.thumbnail.png Thumbnail images of the characters.

     $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.shp	Game state for the saved games.

     $HOME/.freedroid_rpg/*.bkp* Next to last saved game.

     We	make every effort to release stable versions of	FreedroidRPG.  However
     we're sure	that there are still some bugs here and	there.	Please see the
     FAQ in the	README for common issues. If you encounter any problems	or
     bugs, please contact us:

     #freedroid	on

   Mailing List

   Bug tracker
     FreedroidRPG Bug Tracker:


     freedroidRPG was written by FreedroidRPG Development Team
     <> led by Arthur	Huillet. Visit
     us	at the FreedroidRPG Homepage: for updates or
     if	you'd like to help.

FreeBSD	13.0		       February	22, 2011		  FreeBSD 13.0


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